Achievements are displayed on the player menu, under the "Collections" tab, on the "Achievements" tab found at the bottom left. If you own the Steam version, Achievements are displayed in Steam as well, including some extra achievements.

Achievements can unlock specific rewards within the game. Steam achievements need to be unlocked only once, but the associated rewards must be earned separately for each new game.

Unearned achievements appear as grayed-out on the player menu. Some achievements do not display on the player menu until completing other achievements.

Most achievements unlock a unique hat for sale at the abandoned house in Cindersap Forest. In addition, the day after earning "Gofer" (Complete 10 Help Wanted requests), Mayor Lewis will send Gold.png500g in the mail. The day after earning "A Big Help" (Complete 40 Help Wanted requests), Mayor Lewis will send Gold.png2,500g in the mail. The day after earning "Master Angler" (Catch every fish), Willy will send a Stardrop in the mail.

Achievements list

Steam Icon In-Game Icon Achievement Description Unlocks
Achievement Greenhorn.jpg
Achievement Star 01.png
Greenhorn Earn 15,000g
Good Ol' Cap.png
Good Ol' Cap
Achievement Cowpoke.jpg
Achievement Star 02.png
Cowpoke Earn 50,000g
Lucky Bow.png
Lucky Bow
Achievement Homesteader.jpg
Achievement Star 03.png
Homesteader Earn 250,000g
Cool Cap.png
Cool Cap
Achievement Millionaire.jpg
Achievement Star 04.png
Millionaire Earn 1,000,000g
Bowler Hat.png
Bowler Hat
Achievement Legend.jpg
Achievement Star 03.png
Legend Earn 10,000,000g (Secret Achievement)
Achievement A Complete Collection.jpg
Achievement Star 05.png
A Complete Collection Complete the museum collection.
Cowboy Hat.png
Cowboy Hat
Achievement A New Friend.jpg
Achievement Star 06.png
A New Friend Reach a 5-heart friend level with someone.
Butterfly Bow.png
Butterfly Bow
Achievement Best Friends.jpg
Achievement Star 05.png
Best Friends Reach a 10-heart friend level with someone.
Mouse Ears.png
Mouse Ears
Achievement The Beloved Farmer.jpg
Achievement Star 07.png
The Beloved Farmer Reach a 10-heart friend level with 8 people.
Cat Ears.png
Cat Ears
Achievement Cliques.jpg
Achievement Star 07.png
Cliques Reach a 5-heart friend level with 4 people.
Achievement Networking.jpg
Achievement Star 08.png
Networking Reach a 5-heart friend level with 10 people.
Santa Hat.png
Santa Hat
Achievement Popular.jpg
Achievement Star 09.png
Popular Reach a 5-heart friend level with 20 people.
Achievement Cook.jpg
Achievement Star 09.png
Cook Cook 10 different recipes.
Delicate Bow.png
Delicate Bow
Achievement Sous Chef.jpg
Achievement Star 10.png
Sous Chef Cook 25 different recipes.
Plum Chapeau.png
Plum Chapeau
Achievement Gourmet Chef.jpg
Achievement Star 11.png
Gourmet Chef Cook every recipe.
Archer's Cap.png
Archer's Cap
Chef Hat.png
Chef Hat
Achievement Moving Up.jpg
Achievement Star 10.png
Moving Up Upgrade your house.
Achievement Living Large.jpg
Achievement Star 11.png
Living Large Upgrade your house to the maximum size. (2nd upgrade, not cellar)
Hunter's Cap.png
Hunter's Cap
Achievement DIY.jpg
Achievement Star 02.png
D.I.Y. Craft 15 different items.
Achievement Artisan.jpg
Achievement Star 01.png
Artisan Craft 30 different items.
Trucker Hat.png
Trucker Hat
Achievement Master Craft.jpg
Achievement Star 02.png
Craft Master Craft every item.
Gnome's Cap.png
Gnome's Cap
Achievement Fisherman.jpg
Achievement Star 04.png
Fisherman Catch 10 different fish.
Achievement Ol Mariner.jpg
Achievement Star 03.png
Ol' Mariner Catch 24 different fish.
Official Cap.png
Official Cap
Achievement Master Angler.jpg
Achievement Star 04.png
Master Angler Catch every fish.
Eye Patch.png
Eye Patch
Achievement Mother Catch.jpg
Achievement Star 03.png
Mother Catch Catch 100 fish.
Watermelon Band.png
Watermelon Band
Achievement Treasure Trove.jpg
Achievement Star 05.png
Treasure Trove Donate 40 different items to the museum.
Blue Bonnet.png
Blue Bonnet
Achievement Gofer.jpg
Achievement Star 06.png
Gofer Complete 10 'Help Wanted' requests.
Polka Bow.png
Polka Bow
Achievement A Big Help.jpg
Achievement Star 05.png
A Big Help Complete 40 'Help Wanted' requests.
Chicken Mask.png
Chicken Mask
Achievement Polyculture.jpg
Achievement Star 08.png
Polyculture Ship 15 of each crop. See (note below)
Cowpoke Hat.png
Cowpoke Hat
Achievement Monoculture.jpg
Achievement Star 07.png
Monoculture Ship 300 of one crop. See (note below)
Cowgal Hat.png
Cowgal Hat
Achievement Full Shipment.jpg
Achievement Star 07.png
Full Shipment Ship every item.
Goblin Mask.png
Goblin Mask
Achievement Prarie King.jpg
Prairie King Beat 'Journey of the Prairie King'.
Prairie King Arcade System.png
Prairie King Arcade System
Achievement The Bottom.jpg
The Bottom Reach the lowest level of the mines.
Skull Key.png
Skull Key
Achievement Local Legend.jpg
Local Legend Restore the Pelican Town Community Center.
Stardew Hero Trophy.png
Stardew Hero Trophy
Achievement Joja Co. Member Of The Year.jpg
Joja Co. Member Of The Year Purchase all Joja Community Development projects.
Soda Machine.png
Soda Machine
Achievement Mystery Of The Stardrops.jpg
Mystery Of The Stardrops Find every stardrop.
Achievement Full House.jpg
Full House Get married and have two kids.
Achievement Singular Talent.jpg
Singular Talent Reach level 10 in a skill.
Achievement Master Of The Five Ways.jpg
Master Of The Five Ways Reach level 10 in every skill.
Achievement Protector Of The Valley.jpg
Protector Of The Valley Complete all of the Adventure Guild Monster Slayer goals.
Achievement Fector's Challenge.jpg
Fector's Challenge Beat 'Journey Of The Prairie King' without dying. (Secret Achievement)


Fishing Achievements

Catching Green Algae, White Algae, or Seaweed counts towards the 4 fishing achievements (Fisherman, Ol' Mariner, Master Angler, and Mother Catch). Catching Trash does not count towards these achievements.


There are exactly 28 Crops that must be shipped to earn the Polyculture achievement ("Ship 15 of each crop"):


To earn the Monoculture achievement ("Ship 300 of one crop"), you can choose from 33 Crops -- any of the 28 crops listed above, or

Full Shipment

To earn the Full Shipment achievement ("Ship every item"), you must ship at least one of every item shown in the Shipping Collection tab of the player menu.

External Links

Users with access to their saved game files may find the "Stardew Checkup" utility helpful for tracking their achievement progress. The utility is located at:

Global gameplay stats of achievements on PC players on Steam can be located at:

Global gameplay stats of achievements on Xbox players can be located at:


  • 1.4: Fixed bug allowing Master Angler to be earned before catching all fish.
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