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Birthday:  Spring 27
Lives In: Pelican Town
Address: 2 Willow Lane

Haley Icon.png Haley (Sister)


Sandy Icon.png Sandy

Clint Icon.png Clint

Gus Icon.png Gus

Marriage: Yes
Best Gifts: Amethyst.png AmethystAquamarine.png AquamarineCloth.png ClothEmerald.png EmeraldJade.png JadeRuby.png RubySurvival Burger.png Survival BurgerTopaz.png TopazWool.png Wool
“I'm just working at Gus' to make ends meet... but my real passion is tailoring. I made these clothes from scratch.”
— Emily

Emily is a villager who lives in Pelican Town. She is one of the twelve characters available to marry. Her home is south of the town square, right next to Jodi's, at the address 2 Willow Lane. She works most evenings at The Stardrop Saloon starting at about 4:00 PM.

Emily loves to make her own clothing, but fabric can be difficult to come by in town. Among her favorite gifts are cloth and wool.


Shown below are Emily's schedules prioritized highest to lowest. For example, if it is raining, that schedule overrides all others.

Fall 15
9:00 AM In her bedroom
10:30 AM Leaves home for Calico Desert to visit Sandy on her birthday
12:00 AM Goes home for the night
Winter 11
9:00 AM In her bedroom
10:30 AM Leaves home for Harvey's Clinic, waits in waiting room
1:30 PM Moves to exam room
4:00 PM Leaves clinic to work at The Stardrop Saloon
12:30 AM Goes home for the night
Winter 15
9:00 AM In her bedroom
12:00 PM Leaves bedroom to stand in living room
2:30 PM Leaves home to attend the Night Market
12:30 AM Goes home for the night
9:00 AM In her bedroom
12:00 PM Leaves bedroom to stand in living room
3:30 PM Leaves home to work at The Stardrop Saloon
1:00 AM Goes home for the night
9:00 AM In her bedroom
10:00 AM Leaves home to attend aerobics class at Pierre's General Store
1:00 PM Aerobics class begins
4:00 PM Leaves Pierre's to work at The Stardrop Saloon
12:30 AM Goes home for the night
Friday, Community Center restored
9:00 AM In her bedroom
10:00 AM Walks to Community Center, stands in Crafts Room
3:30 PM Leaves the Community Center to work at The Stardrop Saloon
12:30 AM Goes home for the night
Regular Schedule
9:00 AM In her bedroom
12:00 PM Leaves bedroom to stand in living room
3:30 PM Leaves home to work at The Stardrop Saloon
12:30 AM Goes home for the night


Time Location
8:30 AM Leaves home to walk to 2 Willow Lane, stands in kitchen
11:00 AM Leaves 2 Willow Lane to go to town, stands east of Community Center and looks at the river
3:00 PM Heads for the Stardrop Saloon to work
10:00 PM Leaves the Saloon to return home


Time Location
8:30 AM Leaves house to go to docks west of Fish Shop
1:00 PM Leaves beach to go to Pierre's General Store
3:00 PM Leaves Pierre's to go to work at the Stardrop Saloon
10:00 PM Leaves the Saloon to return home


Emily lives with her sister Haley, and together they care for their parents' home, who have been traveling the world for the past two years. She works with Gus, who employs her part-time at the saloon. She is also friends with Sandy, and the two mention each other in dialogues. Sandy, at her first meeting with the player, claims to have been aware of the farmer's presence even before access to The Calico Desert was opened, saying that Emily had written to her about the newcomer.

Several dialogues and cutscenes reveal that Clint has romantic interest in Emily, though he is too shy to tell her.


Main article: Friendship
See also: List of All Gifts

You can give Emily up to two gifts per week (plus one on her birthday), which will raise or lower her friendship with you. Gifts on her birthday (Spring 27) will have 8× effect and show a unique dialogue.
For loved or liked gifts, Emily will say

“A birthday gift? That's very kind of you! I love it.”
“You remembered my birthday! Thank you. This is great!”

For neutral gifts, Emily will say

“Oh, a birthday gift! Thank you.”

For disliked or hated gifts, Emily will say

“Oh... It's for my birthday? ... Thanks.”


“This gift is fabulous! Thank you so much!”
Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Emily Happy.png
Amethyst A purple variant of quartz. Mining
Aquamarine A shimmery blue-green gem. Mining
Cloth A bolt of fine wool cloth. Loom Wool.png Wool
Emerald A precious stone with a brilliant green color. Mining
Jade A pale green ornamental stone. Mining
Ruby A precious stone that is sought after for its rich color and beautiful luster. Mining
Survival Burger.png
Survival Burger A convenient snack for the explorer. Cooking Bread.png Bread (1)Cave Carrot.png Cave Carrot (1)Eggplant.png Eggplant (1)
Topaz Fairly common but still prized for its beauty. Mining
Wool Soft, fluffy wool. Sheep, Rabbit


“Thank you! I'm feeling a positive energy from this gift.”
Image Name Description Source
Daffodil A traditional spring flower that makes a nice gift. Foraging - Spring
Quartz A clear crystal commonly found in caves and mines. Foraging - Mines


Image Name Description Source
Emily Neutral.png
Chanterelle A tasty mushroom with a fruity smell and slightly peppery flavor. Foraging - Fall
Common Mushroom.png
Common Mushroom Slightly nutty, with good texture. Foraging - Fall
Dandelion Not the prettiest flower, but the leaves make a good salad. Foraging - Spring
Ginger This sharp, spicy root is said to increase vitality. Foraging - Ginger Island
Hazelnut That's one big hazelnut! Foraging - Fall
Leek A tasty relative of the onion. Foraging - Spring
Magma Cap.png
Magma Cap A very rare mushroom that lives next to pools of lava. Foraging - Volcano Dungeon
Morel Sought after for its unique nutty flavor. Foraging - Spring
Purple Mushroom.png
Purple Mushroom A rare mushroom found deep in caves. Foraging - The Mines
Snow Yam.png
Snow Yam This little yam was hiding beneath the snow. Foraging - Winter
Wild Horseradish.png
Wild Horseradish A spicy root found in the spring. Foraging - Spring
Winter Root.png
Winter Root A starchy tuber. Foraging - Winter

*Note that Dinosaur Eggs are considered Artifacts and not Eggs for gifting purposes.


“Sorry, (Name). I don't like this.”
Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Emily Concerned.png
Fried Eel.png
Fried Eel Greasy but flavorful. Cooking Eel.png Eel (1)Oil.png Oil (1)
Ice Cream.png
Ice Cream It's hard to find someone who doesn't like this. Cooking Milk.png Milk (1)Sugar.png Sugar (1)
Rice Pudding.png
Rice Pudding It's creamy, sweet, and fun to eat. Cooking Milk.png Milk (1)Sugar.png Sugar (1)Rice.png Rice (1)
Salmonberry A spring-time berry with the flavor of the forest. Foraging - Spring
Spicy Eel.png
Spicy Eel It's really spicy! Be careful. Cooking Eel.png Eel (1)Hot Pepper.png Hot Pepper (1)


“This gift has a strong negative energy. I can't stand it.”
Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Emily Annoyed.png
Fish Taco.png
Fish Taco It smells delicious. Cooking Tuna.png Tuna (1)Tortilla.png Tortilla (1)Red Cabbage.png Red Cabbage (1)Mayonnaise.png Mayonnaise (1)
Holly The leaves and bright red berries make a popular winter decoration. Foraging - Winter
Maki Roll.png
Maki Roll Fish and rice wrapped in seaweed. Cooking Fish.png Fish (1)Seaweed.png Seaweed (1)Rice.png Rice (1)
Salmon Dinner.png
Salmon Dinner The lemon spritz makes it special. Cooking Salmon.png Salmon (1)Amaranth.png Amaranth (1)Kale.png Kale (1)
Sashimi Raw fish sliced into thin pieces. Cooking Fish.png Fish (1)

Heart Events


At any friendship level greater than zero friendship points, you may receive a gift in the mail from Emily. The chance of receiving a gift in the mail increases as your friendship with Emily increases.

Item Description
Cloth.png ClothSea Urchin.png Sea UrchinWool.png Wool Hi!

How are you doing? I hope you enjoy the gift I've sent you... Well, goodbye!


Two Hearts

Two Hearts.png

Enter Emily's house.

Emily is asleep in her room. The screen pans and fades, and you find yourself viewing Emily's dream. It's a dreamscape of abstract shapes and colors, clouds, and palm trees. Emily floats above a purple stone structure on a large cloud. She is floating, meditating and chanting "power words." You appear out of the cloud, surprising her. She wonders what you are doing in her dream. Rainbow streaks fly by and she sees them as some kind of sign or omen. You disappear and she wakes up. She gets out of bed and says to herself that there is something special about you; she believes that your destinies are somehow intertwined.

Emily 2 Hearts.png

Three Hearts

Three Hearts.png

After reaching 3 hearts with Emily she will send you a recipe in the mail.

Image Recipe Description
Recipe Overlay.png
Salad Flip this letter over for instructions on how to make a super-healthy meal!
You'll feel energized. See you soon.

Four Hearts

Four Hearts.png

Enter town on a sunny day. Cannot be triggered in winter.

Emily leaves her house on a sunny day. Three parrots fly by, and she waves and refers to them as her "friends". After a moment, she continues walking but quickly stops, confused. A fourth parrot flys in too low and smacks against the window of her house. The parrot is injured. Emily rushes over and cradles the poor thing, promising that she will take care of it. Emily will now have a parrot in her room. The parrot hops around and will squawk if you go up to it and press the "check" button.

(If you marry Emily, the parrot will move into your house as well.)

Six Hearts

Six Hearts.png

Visit Emily's house when she's there.


You'll enter Emily's room. She tells you that she is excited to show you her secret hobby that she has been working on for a long time. She'll then proceed to turn on her stereo and begin dancing for you. After the lights and music end it will ask you what you thought of the performance. You have three choices:

This event was formerly Emily's four heart event, it was changed in version 1.1. In that update it got a new unique song and dialogue, as well as animation and visual improvements.

Seven Hearts

Seven Hearts.png

After reaching 7 hearts with Emily she will send you a recipe in the mail.

Image Recipe Description
Red Plate.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Red Plate Flip this letter over for instructions on how to make a super-healthy meal!
You'll feel energized. See you soon.

Eight Hearts

Eight Hearts.png

A letter in the mail will invite the player to the Mayor's Manor that same day during open hours.

This event will still be available on subsequent days if you missed it the first day.

Emily will send you a letter in the Mail, inviting you to attend her "Clothing Therapy" session:

I have this crazy new idea that I want to involve you in... It's called "Clothing Therapy".

Please come to the Mayor's house today to see what it's all about.

Love, Emily”

Enter the Mayor's house. Emily will explain the purpose is to help the townspeople express their true selves in the form of clothing. Attending are Mayor Lewis, Abigail, Shane, Robin, and Clint. Each one takes a turn going behind the curtain. Emily instructs them to choose whatever clothes "speaks to them", put it on and then show the world without fear. One by one, you get to see each character's choice. Shane puts on a full "goth" outfit. Robin puts on a fine dress and lets her hair down, embracing her feminine side. Mayor Lewis comes out with a fancy hat, cape, and cane. Abigail comes out in a full suit of armor. Clint is apprehensive about the whole thing, but after Emily coaxes him, he goes ahead. He comes out in a button-up shirt, pink shorts and a beret. Emily sees it and says "Awww... cute!", which makes Clint sad. After he is gone, Emily approaches you with romantic interest. Clint bursts in, saying he's too embarrassed to go out in his new outfit. He sees what's going on and feels awful. He makes some indirect remarks about it and leaves. Emily is confused.

Ten Hearts

Ten Hearts.png

A letter will invite the player to meet Emily in the Secret Woods after 10pm that night. You will need an iron axe in order to break the log blocking the entrance to the secret woods. If you do not have an iron axe, do not worry, as the heart event will trigger whatever time you next go into the secret woods after 10 pm. There are no time constraints. (Note: If it is raining or a festival day, the event will trigger on the following night.)

You go camping with Emily in the Secret Woods. There is strange grunting coming from the forest. She says it's cold and snuggles up close to you by the fire. A bear comes out of the woods and approaches your campsite. It grunts loudly and you both jump and dive into the tent. The bear sniffs around and leaves. Emily says that one of the sleeping bags is still out there, and she's not willing to go out and get it... so you have to share a bag. You hear movement in the tent, the screen fades and the day ends.

The next day, the player receives a letter from Emily, saying

“Thanks for joining me last night... I had a great time.
I'm actually glad that bear showed up!

See you soon

Love, Emily”

Note that if you have not yet upgraded to the Steel Axe, you won't be able to get to the Secret Woods to complete this event. However, the event can still trigger on a subsequent night after 10pm by going to the Secret Woods once you've gained access.

Group Ten-Heart Event

Ten Hearts.png

If the player is unmarried and has given a bouquet to all available bachelorettes, raised friendship with each bachelorette to 10 hearts, and seen each bachelorette's 10-heart event, then entering Haley/Emily's House will trigger a cutscene.

If the player has a Rabbit's Foot in inventory, the cutscene will consist of a gossip session about Mayor Lewis and Marnie's relationship.

If the player does not have a Rabbit's Foot in inventory, all bachelorettes will express anger about the player dating them all at one time. Regardless of the player's dialogue choice(s), all bachelorettes will decide to give the player the "cold shoulder" for about a week after the event. They will give angry dialogue when interacted with, and refuse gifts. After about a week, all bachelorettes will forgive the player, and dialogues return to normal.

This event will trigger only one time per save file. This event will not trigger if you are married or have given a Wilted Bouquet or Mermaid's Pendant to one of the marriage candidates.

Fourteen Hearts

Fourteen Hearts.png

Exit the farmhouse between 5am and 8:20am.

Emily will appear outside the farmhouse and provide a quest to bring her 200 pieces of fiber. The quest is called "Errand for your Wife".

After completing the quest and waiting 3 days, enter the farmhouse between 8pm and midnight. Emily will give you a new outfit consisting of Emily's Magic Hat, Emily's Magic Boots, Emily's Magic Shirt, and a pair of matching blue Genie Pants.


Main article: Marriage

Once married, Emily will move into the farmhouse. Like other marriage candidates, she will add her own room to the right of the bedroom. She'll also set up a small crystal garden behind the farmhouse where she'll sometimes go to meditate. Note that Emily's parrot will not be visible to anyone in multiplayer who has not completed her 4 heart event.

On rainy mornings, Emily may offer you Cloth, Wool, Duck Feather, Refined Quartz, or Bean Hotpot. On rainy nights, she may offer you dessert that is "raw", "gluten-free", and "sweetened only with cactus syrup": Rice Pudding, Blueberry Tart, Cookie, or Chocolate Cake. On days when Emily stays inside the farmhouse all day, she may offer you Cloth, Wool, Duck Feather, Refined Quartz, Bean Hotpot, Coffee, or an Omni Geode.



First Meeting

“Ooh!... I can read it on your face. You're going to love it here in Pelican Town. If you're ever looking for something to do in the evening, stop by the saloon. That's where I work!”


“Have I told you Haley and I are sisters? Strange, isn't it?”
“I have a secret hobby, but I won't say any more. Maybe I'll show you some day.”
“This world is full of spirits and magic... Some don't believe me, but I know it's true. I can see it in your eyes... you believe in the other world, like me.”
“I wish Haley would get a job or at least contribute to cooking and cleaning. I think she's hoping to marry someone rich.”
“I work part-time at Gus' saloon. It pays the bills.”
“I'm just working at Gus' to make ends meet... but my real passion is tailoring. I made these clothes from scratch, see?”
“I've heard rumors of rare and powerful magic rings, forged long ago by forgotten civilizations. I'm not sure if it's true or just a fairy tale.”
“You catch fish? I just hope you treat the poor things humanely. Every critter deserves our respect, even the slimy ones.”
“I hope you're farming in a sustainable way. The valley's ecosystem is fragile! How do I know? I have a strong gut-feeling!”
“Sometimes the flowers speak to me... each one has a different story to tell!”
“Ah, spring. The season of pastels. I actually prefer jewel tones, myself. Oh, excuse me! I was mumbling about fashion again, wasn't I?”
“I like making my own clothes, but it's not easy to get cloth. And it's such a long trip to the city.”
“Hi [Player]! Do you raise sheep in your barn? You can turn their wool into beautiful bolts of cloth!#$e#You'll need a loom, though. You can make them yourself if you know the crafting recipe.”
“This house was left in our care by my parents. They've been traveling the world for the last two years. We have no idea when they'll be back. I enjoy living here, though. It's a beautiful area and the town is nice.”

6+ Hearts:

“Oh, hi... It's nice of you to visit me like this.”
“Have faith... every day you're taking one more step on the path of your destiny.”
“Do you ever think about the texture of fabric, [Player]? Each texture has a distinct personality... feel my dress... see?”

If Player married to Haley

“I have to say, now that Haley's gone I've had a much easier time keeping things in order.”

8+ Hearts:

“There's good people in this town who just can't seem to find happiness. It makes me sad. Working in the saloon, I hear first-hand about everyone's problems.”
“You know, [Player]... I think the future looks bright for both of us.”
“Hi, [Player]. I always knew we'd become close like this...”

Doctor Visit

“Doctor, I'd like to go with the 'natural remedy' if possible.”


“Haley is a picky eater. It's so hard to cook for her.”
“Eating healthy is very important to me. I want to live a long and active life.”
“Hello there, [Player]. I feel lazy today.”
“I feel bad for Linus. People judge him, but he's just living a different lifestyle. I wish everyone could learn to be accepting of others.”
“It doesn't rain much in summer, does it? That just means more watering work for you, huh? Or do you enjoy the sunny weather?”
“I consider the bees and butterflies to be my special friends!”
“If I wasn't so busy I'd come help you on the farm! But Gus would be upset if I had another job...”
“Don't overwork yourself or you might end up in Harvey's clinic!”
“It's around this time of year that my good friends visit the region... I mean the parrots!”

6+ Hearts:

“Hi, [Player]! We've become decent friends, haven't we? That's fine with me. [You're a cool guy. / I'm glad.]”
“You know, I'm sure Gus would understand if I wanted to leave the Saloon someday. There's so much out there, I can't stay a barmaid forever.”

If Player married to Haley

“Haley and I get along much better now that she's moved out. I look forward to her visits!”

8+ Hearts:

“Hi, [Player]! We've become decent friends, haven't we? This may sound weird, but I've always been certain this would happen.”


“Well, fall is here. Time to plant some new crops, huh?”
“It's good weather for a picnic, isn't it?”
“Hello. Did you have a good summer?”
“Hi [Player]! I bet your farm did great this past summer, huh? You're an excellent farmer.”
“My friend runs a shop in the desert. If you ever go there stop in and say hi for me. I think she sells some rare products.”
“Are you friends with Clint? He's a nice guy, if you get to know him. He gets lonely working in his shop all day. But he's so shy he has trouble making new friends.”
“Another beautiful fall day. It's a pity it'll soon be over.”
“Keep your mind open and some interesting things might take root. Anyway, how is your day going?”
“Nothing like a sunny Sunday to lift the spirits!”

6+ Hearts:

“Smell that clean air? It's lovely, isn't it? I just fear that the Joja Co.'s of the world will take this away from us”
“I don't have any huge plans for life. I prefer not to stress about the future.”
“There's so many invisible barriers holding us back. Why can't people learn to let go and celebrate freedom? Me? Well, you know what they say... 'You can't cage a wild Junimo'”

8+ Hearts:

“If I didn't have to work I'd suggest we go on a nice picnic!”
“I think Clint's mad at me. He never looks at me anymore... I always thought we were friends.”


“Be careful an icicle doesn't fall on your head!”
“Oh, hello [Player]! You must be getting very good at farming by now, huh?”
“I bet you're an excellent farmer by now!”
“I think my hair is frozen solid...”
“Haley and I aren't made for such a big house. It's a hassle to keep it clean. Ah well. I really shouldn't be complaining. Your farmhouse seems nice and cozy.”
“It must be so cold for the poor fish. I wonder if any fish hibernate? Maybe I should ask Demetrius.”
“If I wasn't so busy I'd help you dig around in that cave by the lake. I bet there are some powerful crystals inside there.”
“Do you know how to cook 'Bean Hotpot'? I like that dish quite a bit. It's hard to get fresh ingredients in the winter, huh?”

6+ Hearts:

“My sister and I might fight sometimes, but I would really miss her if she left. I think she'll become a very nice young lady some day... Don't tell her I said that. So, is there anything you want to talk about?”

If Player married to Haley

“Say hi to my sister for me. And remind her to visit me tomorrow.”

10 Hearts/Dating

“You're such a nice person, [Player]! Thanks for being my friend.”
“Be careful an icicle doesn't fall on your head! I wouldn't want you to get hurt!”

When given the Mermaid's Pendant

“...!!! I accept!! ... I'll set everything up. We'll have the ceremony in 3 days, okay?”

When engaged

“Can you believe we're about to move in together? I've never lived with anyone but my family. It's... exciting.”
“I always knew something important would happen between us... I just never thought it would be this! The parrot is excited too.”

When break-up

“"B...But I thought we had a special bond... *sniff*"”

After Group 10 Heart Event

“[Player]... I'm ready to give you a second chance. I still have faith that there's a good person inside of you.”

Egg Festival

“I've been up since dawn coloring eggs... it's always my favorite part of the season.”

Flower Dance

“Whoo... I'm stuffed. Hey, have you tried the red jelly yet?”

Dance of the Moonlight Jellies

“Look out there, at the endless sea. Deep underwater, all kinds of life forms are moving around in the dark. Eerie, isn't it?”

Stardew Valley Fair

“You know, I would've made a good clown. I think I missed my calling.”

Spirit's Eve

“Do you like the jack-o-lanterns? I carved them myself.”

Festival of Ice

“Wow, this snowman needs a makeover. Who made this?”

Feast of the Winter Star

“[Player]! What are you hoping to find under the spirit tree?”
A new watering can. (No effect on friendship.)
"All work and no play? That's not very fun."
A jug of spiced mead. (No effect on friendship.)
"Ooo... that sounds nice. Make sure to give me a taste."
A pair of stylish boots. (No effect on friendship.)
"I see. That would be a great gift!"
After Marriage 

Indoor Days

“Another beautiful day on [farm name] farm... I have faith that something good will happen today!”
“Hey, someone must've gotten a good night of sleep... you look fresh this morning.”
“My horoscope for the day isn't too good... but I'm going to make the best of it, as always. Let's get to work!”
“Ughh... *gurgle*... I ate too many bran muffins for breakfast.”
“By providing fresh, healthy produce to the community, we're doing a great service!”

In her side room

“I'm going to spend some time with the parrot today. It breaks my heart that he'll never fly again.”

Giving gift

“Here, take this. It's for you.”

Outdoor Days

“I love getting up early. There's a certain freshness to the air and the wildlife is much more active.”
“What's on the agenda today, dear?”
“Oooh! Ooh! I saw another one! I'm counting squirrels.”
“A little sunlight is good for you. Just don't get crispy, okay?”
“Good morning! I was wondering when you'd finally roll out of bed! It's okay, [Player]... you deserve a good night of rest.”
“You're doing great work, [Player]. Keep it up.”

When meditating in her crystal garden

“This is my favorite spot for a morning meditation. I visualize the energy from this crystal garden flowing through my body.”

Indoor Nights

“Is that a new hole I see in your shirt? I can sew that up for you, no problem.”
“Welcome home, [Player]. I hope you had a wonderful day.”
“Is it bed time already? My, the day just floated away from me again.”
“Ah, that aroma! It can only be you. It's a good smell.”
“I swept the whole house, washed the windows, dusted, and cleaned the fridge. It was a very productive day!”
“It's a very cozy house... I like it.”

Rainy Days

“I wonder where the flying insects go when it rains? Don't they get hit by the raindrops?”
“A day like this is a blessing from mother nature.”
“I meant to let the parrot go free, but his wing never fully healed. He seems content, though. I give him lots of attention. He told me that he's happy here.”
“I never told you this... but when you first moved here I had a dream about you. I knew right then that our life-paths would intertwine.”
“I know you pride yourself on your work, but don't overdo it today. Okay, honey?”

Giving gift

“Good morning... I got this gift for you. Don't worry, I already purified it with sage incense.”

Rainy Nights

“Every moment has a unique and precious beauty... do you notice? It can be easy to forget, sometimes.”
“I can hear the plants talking to each other... they're so happy after today's rain!”
“How was your day, [Player]? You look a little soggy.”
“My day was very peaceful. How was yours?”
“Does the sound of rain ever put you in a trance?”
“Certain spirits only appear in the rain. Maybe you've heard their cries?”

Giving food

“Want some dessert? It's my special raw, gluten-free version, sweetened only with cactus syrup.”

Going Out

“I'm going to visit town today, and later on I'm going to help out at the saloon. Have a nice day.”

While working at the Saloon

“Gus seems to have problems organizing everything without me around.”

At home

“My day went well... it's good to get out of the house now and then.”

After having one child

“I hope we can raise [child] to be kind and considerate. That's more important than getting A's in school.”
“Is one child enough, or should we raise another? I guess we'll just see where fate leads us.”
“I lit a pale green candle and shook a sprig of baby-mint over %kid1. That should ward off any dangerous spirits”

After having two children

“A big house, two kids and a parrot... I have my hands full!”
“Well, [child] certainly has your hair...”
“Oh, I already fed the kids their organic quinoa puffs with goat milk. You just focus on the farm!”

High Hearts

“This is so fun to live together! I always thought I'd be single my whole life.”
“It was our destiny to be together... I believe that with all my heart!”
“Thanks for taking me into your home. I love this new life.”
“Our vibrational energies are perfectly in tune. Can't you feel it?”
“I was just admiring my wedding amulet... The shell is beautiful! I can feel the pure blue energy radiating from it.”
“I had another dream about us last night. We had climbed to the top of a crystal tree, looking down on the most lush and beautiful meadow. I keep having this dream. I don't know what it means, but I feel that it's a good omen.”

Neutral Hearts

“I hope you'll still like me when I grow old and my hair turns to a dull, faded steel.”
“I feel uninspired today.”


Spring 1

“Happy new year, honey. Let's make this a special one.”

Spring 2

“My friends, the plants, have come back to life. I feel content.”

Spring 22

“Hmm... I'm thinking maybe a salad of fresh foraged greens for dinner tonight?”


“Phew! It's hot but it feels great, doesn't it? Maybe we'll see some wild parrots today.”

Summer 2

“May Yoba bless you on this lovely day.”

Summer 20

“The energy in our bodies fluctuate just as the seasons do. Understanding your own unique rhythm is the first step to inner harmony.”


“I drank a super-food smoothie this morning and I feel aaah-mazing!”

Fall 1

“The year's already half-way over. Can you believe it?”

Day before the Stardew Valley Fair

“Have you figured out what you're going to use for our grange display tomorrow?”

Fall 25

“Our bodies are naturally in tune with the seasons. This light and color of fall compels us to prepare for the barren winter. To our distant ancestors, this feeling was encompassing and vital. For us, it only barely peeks through the noise of modern life.”


“Whoops, my hair is frozen solid again.”

Winter 2

“I can't help but think of all the poor, frozen squirrels out there right now.”

Winter 5

“*sigh*... Why does there have to be war and hatred in the world?”

Winter 15

“On a day like this, I have a craving for cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and cardamom.”

Winter 28

“Thanks for a great year, [Player]. I'm excited to tackle next year together.”

After Divorce

“[Player], you broke my heart... I just can't talk to you anymore...

Please, let me try to heal...”




Emily's look evolved over the years the game was in development. Here's a timeline showing how ConcernedApe's art and Emily's style changed over the years before the game was launched.

Emily timeline.png


  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.1: Added ability to marry, updated heart events, dialogue and schedule.
  • 1.3: Added group 10-heart event.
  • 1.4: Added 14 heart event. Fixed bug where all recipes would be sent in the mail at 3 hearts.
  • 1.5: Added beach portraits.