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House (tier 1).png
Closed: Never
Address: The Farm

The Farmhouse is where the player resides for the duration of the whole game. In the beginning of the game, it has only one small room that contains a single bed, a fireplace, an old TV (either a Budget TV or Floor TV), various decorations depending on what farm style you've picked, and a floor mat of varying design, which can all be changed and expanded later on. The outer footprint of the farmhouse is a 6x9 rectangle. The fireplace can be moved by left-clicking or turned on by right-clicking on it.

Flooring and Wallpaper can be changed using patterns bought from Pierre's or JojaMart. New furniture (including fireplaces) can be added at any time.

Upgrades can be bought from the Carpenter's Shop inside Robin's house. Each new room added when upgrading can have its own Flooring and Wallpaper patterns.

Upon getting married or having another character move into the farmhouse, the game automatically adds an extra room that is based on that character's style.



Robin requires three days to complete each farmhouse upgrade. Renovations are done instantly.

Stage Outdoor Image Indoor Image Cost Changes
1 House (tier 2).png House indoors (tier 2).png Gold.png10,000g

Wood.png Wood (450)

Adds a kitchen, with a kitchen counter that allows cooking, and a fridge that functions as a chest. Items in the fridge can be used when cooking even though they are not in the player's inventory. Adds a bedroom. Upgrades bed from single to double. Allows marriage.
2 House (tier 3).png House indoors (tier 3).png Gold.png50,000g

Hardwood.png Hardwood (150)

Adds two new rooms, one empty, and one with a crib and two single beds, thus allowing you to have children. Kitchen and bedroom are larger.
3 House (tier 3).png Cellar Inside.png Gold.png100,000g Adds a cellar under the house, allowing access via the kitchen. The cellar houses casks which can age cheese and alcohol to increase quality and value. The cellar comes with 33 casks, though it may house as many as 189 casks.
Renovations House (tier 3).png Renovations.png All Renovations Are Free Removing the crib removes the crib from the kids room. Opening the bedroom removes the wall separating the bedroom from the entrance room. Adding the southern room adds a room to the south of your bedroom. Adding the corner room adds a room to the northeast corner of the house.

Spouse/Roommate Rooms

Note that Emily's parrot will not be visible to anyone in multiplayer who has not completed her 4 heart event.


There are 2 Achievements related to the Farmhouse.

  • Moving Up (Upgrade your house the first time)
  • Living Large (Upgrade your house the second time, to the maximum-size living space)

There is no achievement for upgrading the farmhouse the third time (which adds the cellar).


  • The magnifying glass icon over the woodpile at the left of the farmhouse is related to "The Mysterious Qi" Quest.
  • Instead of gathering 450 wood for the Farmhouse Upgrade 1, you could purchase it all at the Carpenter's Shop during year 1 for Gold.png4,500g, or during year 2+ for Gold.png22,500g. The total cost for the upgrade would then be Gold.png14,500g in year 1, or Gold.png32,500g in year 2+.


  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.1: Added unique rooms for Shane and Emily when married. Introduced cellar house upgrade. Players can now apply wallpaper to hallways inside upgraded homes.
  • 1.3: Hill-top and Wilderness farmhouses come with a Stone Fireplace instead of a Brick Fireplace. Fireplaces are now moveable furniture.
  • 1.4: Added unique room for Krobus when he becomes the player's roommate.
  • 1.5: Added the option to move beds. Added House Renovations. Crib can be removed by Robin (if it is not currently in use). There are now additional rooms that can be built by Robin, the wall between the bedroom and "living room" can now be demolished by Robin. Farmhand houses no longer contain a required dresser.