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Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Crafting Recipes: Crafting Recipes: Crafting / Cooking Recipes: Crafting Recipes: Choose a Profession:
Scarecrow.png Scarecrow

Basic Fertilizer.png Basic Fertilizer

Mayonnaise Machine.png Mayonnaise Machine

Stone Fence.png Stone Fence

Sprinkler.png Sprinkler

Bee House.png Bee House

Speed-Gro.png Speed-Gro

Farmer's Lunch.png Farmer's Lunch

Preserves Jar.png Preserves Jar

Basic Retaining Soil.png Basic Retaining Soil

Iron Fence.png Iron Fence

Rancher.png Rancher

Animal products worth 20% more.

Tiller.png Tiller

Crops worth 10% more.

(Bonus applies to all Vegetables and Flowers, plus any Fruit that has not been foraged)

Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
Crafting Recipes: Crafting Recipes: Crafting Recipes: Crafting Recipes: Rancher: Tiller:

Cheese Press.png Cheese Press

Hardwood Fence.png Hardwood Fence

Quality Sprinkler.png Quality Sprinkler

Loom.png Loom

Quality Retaining Soil.png Quality Retaining Soil

Oil Maker.png Oil Maker

Keg.png Keg

Deluxe Speed-Gro.png Deluxe Speed-Gro

Seed Maker.png Seed Maker

Iridium Sprinkler.png Iridium Sprinkler

Quality Fertilizer.png Quality Fertilizer

Coopmaster.png Coopmaster

Befriend coop animals quicker. Incubation time cut in half.

(Also improves coop product quality, see details here)

Artisan.png Artisan

Artisan goods (wine, cheese, oil, etc.) worth 40% more.

(Note that oil does not actually benefit from the Artisan Profession)

Shepherd.png Shepherd

Befriend barn animals quicker. Sheep produce wool faster.

(Also improves barn product quality, see details here)

Agriculturist.png Agriculturist

All crops grow 10% faster.