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Footwear is a type of clothing item that provides a boost to Defense and/or Immunity. Footwear is either found or purchased at the Adventurer's Guild. All Footwear can be sold to the Adventurer's Guild.

Image Name Description Stats Source Purchase Price Sell Price
Sneakers A little flimsy... but fashionable! Defense.png Defense (+1) Gold.png500g Gold.png50g
Rubber Boots.png
Rubber Boots Protection from the elements. Immunity.png Immunity (+1) N/A Gold.png50g
Leather Boots.png
Leather Boots The leather is very supple. Defense.png Defense (+1)Immunity.png Immunity (+1) N/A Gold.png100g
Work Boots.png
Work Boots Steel-toed for extra protection. Defense.png Defense (+2) N/A Gold.png100g
Combat Boots.png
Combat Boots Reinforced with iron mesh. Defense.png Defense (+3) Gold.png1,250g Gold.png150g
Tundra Boots.png
Tundra Boots The fuzzy lining keeps your ankles so warm. Defense.png Defense (+2)Immunity.png Immunity (+1) N/A Gold.png150g
Leprechaun Shoes The buckle's made of solid gold. Defense.png Defense (+2)Immunity.png Immunity (+1) N/A Gold.png150g
Thermal Boots.png
Thermal Boots Designed with extreme weather in mind. Defense.png Defense (+1)Immunity.png Immunity (+2) N/A Gold.png150g
Cowboy Boots.png
Cowboy Boots It's the height of country fashion. Defense.png Defense (+2)Immunity.png Immunity (+2) Unobtainable N/A N/A
Dark Boots.png
Dark Boots Made from thick black leather. Defense.png Defense (+4)Immunity.png Immunity (+2) Gold.png2,500g Gold.png300g
Firewalker Boots.png
Firewalker Boots It's said these can withstand the hottest magma. Defense.png Defense (+3)Immunity.png Immunity (+3) N/A Gold.png300g
Genie Shoes.png
Genie Shoes A curious energy permeates the fabric. Defense.png Defense (+1)Immunity.png Immunity (+6) N/A Gold.png350g
Space Boots.png
Space Boots An iridium weave gives them a purple sheen. Defense.png Defense (+4)Immunity.png Immunity (+4) Gold.png5,000g Gold.png400g
Emily's Magic Boots.png
Emily's Magic Boots Made with love by Emily. 100% compostable! Defense.png Defense (+4)Immunity.png Immunity (+4)
  • Given during Emily's 14-heart event
N/A Gold.png400g
Cinderclown Shoes.png
Cinderclown Shoes These magic shoes belonged to a famous Dwarvish jester. Defense.png Defense (+6)Immunity.png Immunity (+5) Volcano Dungeon Shop Cinder Shard.png Cinder Shard (100) Gold.png550g
Mermaid Boots.png
Mermaid Boots Mermaid scales gives these boots a protective aura. Defense.png Defense (+5)Immunity.png Immunity (+8)
Dragonscale Boots.png
Dragonscale Boots These shimmering boots are extremely tough. Defense.png Defense (+7) N/A Gold.png350g
Crystal Shoes.png
Crystal Shoes These sparkling shoes will keep your feet very safe. Defense.png Defense (+3)Immunity.png Immunity (+5) N/A Gold.png400g


  • 1.4: Added Leprechaun Shoes and Emily's Magic Boots.
  • 1.5: Added Cinderclown Shoes, Mermaid Boots, Dragonscale Boots, and Crystal Shoes.