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The Graveyard is located just to the west of the Mayor's Manor. There are 4 gravestones located within its gates, 3 of which have further information if you click on them.


There are 4 gravestones within the roughly 300 square tiles that are the Graveyard.


Monas Grave.png Grave.jpg

The only gravestone with a name attributed to it, it sits in the middle of the top 3 stones. The epitaph reads:

“Our Beloved Mona”

Abigail can be seen sitting next to Mona's gravestone during her 6-heart event.

Old and Faded

Old and Faded Gravestone.png

If you right-click on the gravestone to the left of Mona's, you'll get a message that says:

“It's old and faded...”

Dwarvish Headstone

Dwarvish Gravestone.png

After obtaining the Dwarvish Translation Guide, if you click on the gravestone to the right of Mona's, you'll be able to read the following message:

“You translate the dwarvish:

Stand between the pillars three

With gift as precious as the sky:

A rainbow forged from land, not sea

Then galaxies will heed your cry.”

This is referring to the three pillars in the northeast of the Calico Desert.


Unknown Gravestone.png

The stone that is the bottom left of the four is currently unclickable.