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Immunity is a statistic that affects your chance to be afflicted with a status ailment when hit with a debuffing projectile. It has no effect on the length of time that you are invulnerable after getting damaged.

Each point of Immunity reduces the probability of being debuffed by 10%, additively. For example, when wearing the Genie Shoes, which provides 6 points of Immunity, the chance of being debuffed is 40%.[1]


The following Footwear increases Immunity. The effect is constant while wearing the boots/shoes.

Image Name Effect
Leather Boots.png Leather Boots Defense.png Defense (+1)Immunity.png Immunity (+1)
Rubber Boots.png Rubber Boots Immunity.png Immunity (+1)
Tundra Boots.png Tundra Boots Defense.png Defense (+2)Immunity.png Immunity (+1)
Thermal Boots.png Thermal Boots Defense.png Defense (+1)Immunity.png Immunity (+2)
Firewalker Boots.png Firewalker Boots Defense.png Defense (+3)Immunity.png Immunity (+3)
Space Boots.png Space Boots Defense.png Defense (+4)Immunity.png Immunity (+4)
Cowboy Boots.png Cowboy Boots Defense.png Defense (+2)Immunity.png Immunity (+2)
Dark Boots.png Dark Boots Defense.png Defense (+4)Immunity.png Immunity (+2)
Genie Shoes.png Genie Shoes Defense.png Defense (+1)Immunity.png Immunity (+6)
Leprechaun Shoes.png Leprechaun Shoes Defense.png Defense (+2)Immunity.png Immunity (+1)
Emily's Magic Boots.png Emily's Magic Boots Defense.png Defense (+4)Immunity.png Immunity (+4)
Cinderclown Shoes.png Cinderclown Shoes Defense.png Defense (+6)Immunity.png Immunity (+5)
Mermaid Boots.png Mermaid Boots Defense.png Defense (+5)Immunity.png Immunity (+8)
Crystal Shoes.png Crystal Shoes Defense.png Defense (+3)Immunity.png Immunity (+5)


The following rings increase Immunity. The effect is permanent while wearing the ring.

Image Name Description Effect
Immunity Band.png
Immunity Band The top of the ring is made from enchanted purple wool. Increases Immunity.png Immunity by +4.


  1. See DebuffingProjectile::behaviorOnCollisionWithPlayer in the game code.


  • 1.5: Immunity now reduces the chance of status debuffs.