The inventory consists of the contents of the player's backpack. Its slots provide the player with immediate access to certain items and travel with the player around the map.

At the start of the game, the player has access to only the twelve slots on the upper row of the inventory, commonly called the "hotbar." Extra slots can be added to inventory by purchasing backpack upgrades at Pierre's General Store. These extra slots do not grant the same access, but simply add to the number of items that can travel with the player.

To gain immediate access, items must be moved from the lower row(s) into the upper row. This function is available from the pause menu (press ESCAPE or E), leftmost tab, sometimes called the inventory menu. This menu displays the entire contents of the backpack and gives the player the means to move items around inside or to split or combine stacks. To select one item in a stack using mouse & keyboard, right-click on it. To divide the stack in half, shift + right-click on it. (See also: Controls, Mobile Controls.)

In singleplayer, opening the inventory menu pauses the clock. The player can also select an item on one slot of the top row by pressing the number key associated with that slot, and that slot will remain selected after closing the inventory menu.

Certain game activities give the player access to the entire inventory while they are in operation. These include interacting with an open chest or a shop menu, or donating items at the Community Center or Museum. Controls change somewhat during these activities. Moving items within the inventory is often restricted, and a mouse click on an inventory item can sell it to a shopkeeper (with no undo), so careful control is required for guaranteeing one's intended actions.

Inventory Screen

Inventory Parts.png
  1. Inventory Tab button
  2. Hotbar (quick-access items)
  3. Second and third rows of inventory; only shown while in the inventory menu
  4. Equipped wearable items
  5. Character's image
  6. Character's name
  7. Character's level and title, visible when hovering the mouse cursor over the image
  8. Farm Name
  9. Current Funds -- total Gold currently available to spend
  10. Total Earnings -- gross total Gold earned in the game to date
  11. Trash Can -- unwanted items can be permanently disposed of by dragging them here (most Tools cannot be trashed)
  12. Auto-Sort Button -- Sorts all inventory items in game order
  13. Golden Scroll Icon -- Click to view progress towards Community Center Bundles, once unlocked
  14. Close Menu Button


Preview of available backpacks

Your inventory initially has 12 slots, but you can upgrade it to a total of 36 slots. The upgraded backpacks are available immediately at the start of the game and can be purchased at Pierre's General Store once you have enough gold.

The "Large Pack" (which is red) expands inventory to 24 slots and costs Gold.png2,000g. The "Deluxe Pack" (which is blue) expands invetory to 36 slots and costs Gold.png10,000g. Once both backpack upgrades have been purchased, the "For Sale" sign on the shelf disappears.


  • Shift + Left-Click on an inventory item/stack in the bottom two rows to quickly move it to the top row of inventory.
  • You can reassign hotbar keys through the Options menu.
  • Inventory items can be selected and dragged outside the inventory menu, then released to be dropped. If done near a body of water, the item may be permanently lost.
  • Tab when in normal game play (PC) will cause the other available rows to scroll to the top row.
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