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Joja Community Development Form

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The Joja Community Development Form is the JojaMart equivalent to the Community Center Bundles. It can be accessed by talking to Morris inside JojaMart after paying Gold.png5,000g for a JojaMart membership and turning the Community Center into a Joja Warehouse. The player is able to complete town restoration projects ("developments") by individually purchasing them via the Joja Community Development Form.

After each purchase, Morris and his JojaMart crew will complete the project after the player goes to sleep. Only one development may be purchased per day, even if you have the funds for all five at once.


Joja workers repairing the bus to the desert.

It costs Gold.png135,000g to complete all developments (Gold.png140,000g if you include the membership purchase). There are no "Friendship" rewards associated with the Joja Community Development Form like there are with the Community Center Bundles. Instead, the player is rewarded a Soda Machine for completing the form.

Developments made prior to purchasing a membership will remain in place and show as already completed after purchasing a membership. However, no discount is given for partially completed rooms. The Joja cost for an improvement is the same regardless of prior community center progress.


Joja Ceremony

On the day following the completion of the development form, a ceremony is held in front of the warehouse for the player. The ceremony will not trigger until the player walks into town.

Morris gives the following speech:

“Just a few short years ago, the great innovators at Joja Headquarters came up with a new idea, the Joja Community Development Project.

The project was concieved as a way to provide important construction services to the beloved communities we hold so dear...*sniff*... all while generating substantial revenue! Pelican Town, with its run-down infrastructure, was a perfect testing grounds.

Well, thanks to you, our Community Development Pilot Program has been a major success! From repairing old bridges, to fixing buses, to turning piles of rubble into a greenhouse, we've really turned this city around! I've also received a big promotion! Hehehe. The president of the company asked me to give you this exclusive gift as a way of saying 'thanks'.”

The player then receives the Soda Machine. At JojaMart, the Auto-Petter becomes available for purchase and Morris will present the player with an "entertainment opportunity." The following day, a note will arrive from Willy inviting you into his back room.


As the player is unlikely to have the funds for both a Joja membership and a development until at least summer, a good strategy can be to put off buying a membership until ready and meanwhile receiving rewards for bundles that are easy to complete, such as the Spring Foraging Bundle or Crab Pot Bundle.

If the player plans to buy the bus first, it may be more "rewarding" to complete the Community Center bundles instead for a total cost of Gold.png42,500g (vs Joja's price of Gold.png40,000g) and receive 3 chocolate cakes, 30 quality fertilizers, a lightning rod, and a crystalarium.

Curiously, Lewis, Robin, Willy, and the other villagers are mystified by the source of the community improvements, implying Joja does not publicize its actions or that villagers do not notice an entire crew coming from out of town to make repairs.


  • 1.4: Movie theater introduced.
  • 1.5: Auto-Petter introduced, completing the Development Form now allows access to Willy's Boat.