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Joja Warehouse

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Joja Warehouse
Joja Warehouse.png
Open Hours: Always
Closed: Never

The Joja Warehouse is a building that replaces the Community Center if the player chooses to purchase the JojaMart membership for Gold.png5,000g.

After purchasing a JojaMart membership, all town restorations are purchased through the Joja Community Development Form at JojaMart, rather than by completing bundles, and all completion cutscenes will show the JojaMart workers completing the task instead of the Junimos.

Improvements made prior to purchasing a membership (minecarts, the greenhouse, etc) will remain in place and show as already completed after purchasing a membership. However, no discounts are awarded for partially completed rooms. The Joja cost for an improvement is the same regardless of prior community center progress.


Joja Warehouse Interior.png

After Form Completion

After completion of the Community Development Form, Morris will make a new offer when the player talks to him at JojaMart:

“Ah, our favorite customer... I have exciting news for you! Joja headquarters has approved the construction of a new Joja "entertainment opportunity" to replace the nearby Joja Warehouse. We just need an investor willing to support our vision! So, naturally, I turn to you... our most devoted and generous Joja member.

We could make this happen for a small investment of... *cough*... 500,000g...”

Paying Morris the Gold.png500,000g) will result in turning the warehouse into the Movie Theater.


  • Interestingly enough, the boiler room doesn't get replaced by a room with boxes and supplies unlike the other rooms that were replaced to be made more Joja style. It will be left in a state of disrepair. If you previously completed the boiler room through the Junimo bundles before buying a membership, it will revert to its dilapidated state.


  • 1.4: Movie theater option introduced.