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Lead Bobber

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Lead Bobber
Lead Bobber.png
Adds weight to your "fishing bar", preventing it from bouncing along the bottom.
Sell Price: Gold.png150g

The Lead Bobber is a Tackle, that helps fishing by preventing the bar from bouncing. It can be purchased from Willy's Fish Shop for Gold.png200g after achieving Fishing Level 6. It may also randomly appear in the Traveling Cart's stock for Gold.png450-1,000g.

It is the only fishing tackle that cannot be crafted.

You must have an Iridium Rod to equip tackle. To attach tackle to an Iridium Rod, left-click on the tackle, then right-click on the Iridium Rod. To remove Tackle, first right-click to remove any bait, then right-click to remove the tackle.

Tackle does not stack in inventory or chests; each tackle takes up one inventory slot.


Villager Reactions


The Lead Bobber is not used in any bundles.


The Lead Bobber is not used in any quests.