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Lightning Rod

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Lightning Rod
Lightning Rod.png
Collects energy from lightning storms and turns it into battery packs.
Source: Crafting
Season: SpringSummerFall
Sell Price: Cannot be sold
Recipe Source: Foraging Skill Icon.png Foraging (Level 6)
Ingredients: Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (1)Refined Quartz.png Refined Quartz (1)Bat Wing.png Bat Wing (5)

The Lightning Rod creates a Battery Pack.png Battery Pack the day after getting hit by lightning during a storm. It is not necessary for the player to be on the farm when the lightning strike happens.

Since rods do not protect a specific area, the exact placement of a rod on the farm has no bearing on its chance to intercept a lightning strike. A Lightning Rod has a very good chance of intercepting a lightning bolt if it isn't already processing one.[1]

Since each rod only protects the farm from harm if it is not already processing a previous lightning strike, it is advisable to place multiple rods on the farm. The number of lightning strikes during one day is random.

A lightning rod is the reward for completing the Bundle Yellow.png 10,000 Bundle in the Vault.

Chance to Intercept

The chance that a lightning strike will be intercepted is inversely related to the percentage of lightning rods on your farm that are currently holding a charge (either pulsing or holding a battery pack). The exact probability is chance to intercept = 1 - (number of charged lightning rods / total number of lightning rods)²[2]. That is, if none of your lightning rods are currently holding a charge, a lightning strike is 100% guaranteed to be intercepted. If 50% of your lightning rods are charged, a lightning strike has a 75% chance of being intercepted. If 90% of your lightning rods are charged, a strike has only a 19% chance of being intercepted. You must have at least one lightning rod on your farm to have any chance of intercepting a strike.

A non-intercepted lightning strike has a base 25% chance of hitting a feature on your farm, influenced by daily luck and luck buffs.


  • Though it is possible to place lightning rods outside of the farm map, they will never get hit by lightning there, and thus will produce no battery packs.
  • Storms (and thus lightning) never occur in Winter.
  • More lightning will strike the longer you stay awake, necessitating more lightning rods and giving potential to produce more Battery Packs.


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  2. See Utility.performLightningUpdate() in the game code.


  • 1.4: Lightning Rods are now ready to harvest the day after a storm, instead of 24 hours later. Lighting Rods can now be stacked in a player's inventory and in chests.