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Magic Rock Candy

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Magic Rock Candy
Magic Rock Candy.png
A rare and powerful candy infused with the essence of the prismatic shard.
Buff(s): Mining.png Mining (+2)Luck.png Luck (+5)Speed.png Speed (+1)Defense.png Defense (+5)Attack.png Attack (+5)
Buff Duration: Time Icon.png 8m 24s
Healing Effect:
500 Energy
225 Health
Sell Price: Gold.png5,000g

Magic Rock Candy is a special edible item that can be obtained by donating 90 items to the museum, or dropped by Haunted Skulls. One can also be purchased each Thursday from the Desert Trader for 3 Prismatic Shards.


Villager Reactions


Magic Rock Candy is not used in any bundles.


Magic Rock Candy is used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create the prismatic Magic Sprinkle Shirt. Shirt272.png


Magic Rock Candy is not used in any quests.


  • Though it cannot be cooked, its underlying category in the game's data files is "Cooking", so Magic Rock Candy shows up on the "Cooked Items" tab of the Gift Log on the Social tab in-game, after giving it as a gift.
  • Because it is a "cooked" item, it cannot be added to the Luau soup.


  • 1.4: Introduced.
  • 1.4.1: Changed to allow only one piece of Magic Rock Candy to be sold every Thursday.