Mermaid's Pendant

Mermaid's Pendant
Mermaid's Pendant.png
Give this to the person you want to marry.
Source: Old Mariner for Gold.png5,000g
Season:  All, on   alt= Rainy days
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

The Mermaid's Pendant is an item used to propose marriage to a marriage candidate and can be purchased from the Old Mariner for Gold.png5,000g. The Old Mariner appears on the beach past the bridge that costs 300 wood to repair. He will appear before 7pm, and only on rainy days. He will appear in Winter only if a Rain Totem is used.

The following conditions must be met in order to purchase it:

If you are already married or have a housemate, the Old Mariner will appear, but will not sell a Mermaid's Pendant. If you get divorced, you can purchase another one, which can be given to any marriage candidate. If you are engaged, but not yet married, and return to the Old Mariner, you can also buy another one.

The Mermaid's Pendant cannot be sold.


  • The Old Mariner will refer to the pendant as an "old amulet".


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