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Modding:Festival data

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This page explains how the game stores and uses festival data. This is an advanced guide for mod developers.


Festivals are complex events with both content and code components. For the majority of festivals, there exist special map files with location data for villager placements. These are located within Content/Maps like other map files. For scripted events that play during the festival (such as Lewis judging the farmer's grange display), the event is usually handled in code.

The Night Market is a special festival, as it is handled differently than other festivals. While there are separate Night Market maps, the NPC data does not exist on these. Instead, NPCs dynamically enter and leave the festival via schedule data. The raw data for the schedule destinations of each NPC during the Night Market can be found below.

Raw Data

  Winter 15:
Abigail: Beach 30 34
Shane: Beach 20 24
Penny: Beach 35 36
Linus: Beach 19 4
Leah: Beach 41 35
Jas: Beach 19 24
Harvey: Beach 37 31
Emily: Beach 25 36
Clint: Beach 37 33
  Winter 16:
Vincent: Beach 19 24
Sebastian: Beach 10 39
Robin: Beach 13 31
Maru: Beach 11 33
Marnie: Beach 37 31
Lewis: Beach 40 34
Haley: Beach 27 34
Demetrius: Beach 11 32
Caroline: Beach 24 32
  Winter 17:
Sam: Beach 11 34
Jodi: Beach 20 24
George: Beach 11 39
Evelyn: Beach 12 39
Elliot: Beach 38 36
Alex: Beach 27 24