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Creating SMAPI mods SMAPI mascot.png


SMAPI provides a number of APIs for mods to use. Click a section on the right or below for more details.

Basic APIs

page summary
Manifest A file needed for every mod or content pack which describes the mod, lists dependencies, enables update checks, etc.
Events Respond when something happens in the game (e.g. when a save is loaded), and often include details about what happened.
Configuration Let players edit a config.json file to configure your mod.
Content Load images/maps/data, and edit or replace the game's images/maps/data.
Data Store arbitrary data and retrieve it later.
Input Check and suppress keyboard, controller, and mouse state.
Logging Write messages to the SMAPI console and log.
Reflection Access fields, properties, or methods which are normally inaccessible.
Multiplayer Provides methods for supporting multiplayer.
Translation Translate your mod text into any game language.
Utilities Use constants, contextual information, date logic, and semantic versions.

Advanced APIs

page summary
Content packs Let other modders provide files for your mod to read, which players can install like any other mod.
Console commands Add custom commands to the SMAPI console.
Mod integrations Get information about loaded mods, and integrate with mods using mod-provided APIs.
Harmony patching Harmony lets you patch or replace methods, effectively rewriting the game code.