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SMAPI mods can be translated into any language the game supports. They'll automatically use the same language as the game, and will fallback to the default text if a translation is missing. This page explains how to provide or request translations.

For translators

How translations work

Each mod has an i18n folder containing the translation files (if it supports translation), which you can open in a normal text editor like Notepad. The folder always has a default.json (which has the default English text), plus any of these files:

Language File name
Chinese zh.json
French fr.json
German de.json
Hungarian hu.json
Italian it.json
Japanese ja.json
Korean ko.json
Portuguese pt.json
Russian ru.json
Spanish es.json
Turkish tr.json

Each file contains text that looks like this:

   "translation-key": "simple translatable text",
   "translation-key-2": "translatable text with a {{token}} value"

The first part (before :) is the unique key for the translation. This is how the mod identifies the translation, so you shouldn't change it.

The second part (after :) is the translation text, which you can change. Sometimes this will contain a token, which looks like {{token}}; this will be replaced with different text when the mod runs, so you shouldn't change the text between {{ and }}. For example, if the text says "You have {{count}} gold", the player would actually see something like You have 500 gold in-game.

How to translate a mod

  1. Install the mod normally.
  2. Open the file you want to edit in its i18n folder. (If the file doesn't exist for your language yet, just copy default.json and rename it.)
  3. Edit the translations as needed (see how translations work above).
  4. Launch the game and choose your language. The mod should show the translation text you entered.
  5. Send the edited file to the mod author, so they can add it to the official release.


  • If you see broken symbols in-game, try saving the translation file with UTF-8 encoding.
  • You can test translation changes in-game without restarting the game. Enter reload_i18n into the SMAPI console to reload translations. (If a mod internally cached a translation, it may not be updated.)

How to provide mod translations

You can provide translations anytime. There's no commitment needed — your help is appreciated whether you only help once or keep coming back!

Here's the standard process:

  1. Create an account on GitHub.
  2. View the open translation requests. To only see requests for your language, click the 'Labels' dropdown and choose the needs: label for it.
  3. Click a request to see the details (including what the mod does, where to download it, and what translations are needed).
  4. Install the mod and edit the translations on your computer (see the previous section).
  5. Copy your translation text, and paste it into a comment on the GitHub request. (If you're comfortable with GitHub, feel free to submit a pull request to the author instead.)

That's it! The mod author will add your translations to the mod, so it'll be available in your language in the next release.


  • If a mod has a lot of translations, feel free to only translate some of them. Someone else can finish the translations if needed.

For modders

Using translations

For help using translations, see Modding:Modder Guide/APIs/Translation.

Request translations

  1. Before you start:
    1. Your mod must be open-source on a public site like GitHub.
      This is important for the modders curating the request list, since it lets them (a) check the current status of your mod translations to keep requests up-to-date, (b) answer questions from translators if needed, and (c) submit a pull request with any translations received when the ticket is closed if you stop responding.
    2. If you have partial translations, copy any missing translations into all translation files and mark them with // TODO. (That way translators only need to look at their language's file, they don't need to compare it with default.json.)
    3. Make sure you watch the request and you have time to reply to questions! Your request will be closed if you don't respond to a question on the ticket within 72 hours.
    4. The default.json must be complete and in English. If your main language isn't English and you need help preparing it, we can help! Just create a request the same way below, but choose needs: English copyediting as the label instead.
  2. Create a request ticket with this info:
    field what to enter
    title The mod name and version to translate.
    labels Choose the 'needs:' labels for the translations you need. (Don't add 'done:' labels, that's only for completed requests.)
    Description Provide the following information:
    • A brief summary of what your mod does, including a link to the mod page.
    • A link to the open-source code.
    • A download link if you're requesting translations for an unreleased version. (You can attach it directly to the request ticket.)
    • If needed, an explanation of where the text appears, screenshots, etc.

    Here's an example request which provides that info.

  3. Watch your notifications so you know when someone contributes translations or answers a question!