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The Railroad is an exterior region located north of the Mountain. It becomes accessible after an earthquake clears the blocked pass, on the 3rd of Summer in the first year.


Front of Train Platform

On random days between 9am and 6pm, a train can pass through the area. If the player is outdoors, a message will pop up saying "A train is passing through Stardew Valley" accompanied by a train whistle sound.

While the train cars pass by, items such as Leprechaun Shoes, Stone, Coal, Iron Ore, Wood and Geodes may fall off and be acquired. The player need not be present when the train goes by, but dropped items will disappear overnight, so they must be collected the same day. The train will pass by and drop items even if the game is paused.

A player who stands in front of the train as it approaches or attacks the train with certain tools or weapons will suffer minor damage and be knocked back. The player can get stuck between the passing train and the platform, suffering damage repeatedly, losing all Health, and passing out.

Train Types

There are several different types of trains that can pass by. The most common type of train has cars containing various resources, such as wood, stone, or coal. It may also have a passenger car or have cars with graffiti on the sides.

Other train occurrences can include...

  • A dark grey train with Joja logos on the side of its cars.
  • A passenger train comprised of only passenger cars.
  • A normal resource train that moves at twice the speed of other trains.
  • A blue train that moves at twice the speed of other trains and has barred windows.
  • A red train with cars containing presents, but only in the Winter.


Train Platform

The Train Platform is located north of the tracks. The player can find an empty box there, which is used for the quest "The Mysterious Qi".

Harvey's ten Heart Event also takes place here.

The Spa

In the southwest of the Railroad is the Spa. Standing still when in the pool causes energy and health to be quickly restored.

Witch's Swamp

There's a passage to the Witch's Swamp through the cave north east of the train platform. This cave will be unlocked by completing a series of quests given by the Wizard. A cutscene initiating the quests will start when the player first enters the Railroad area after completing either the Community Center bundles or Joja Community Development Form.

After completing these quests players can use the cave to travel to the Witch's Swamp at anytime.

The Summit

The Summit can be accessed by a staircase in the north-west area of the railroad. Initially, the stairs are blocked by a boulder that the player can not move. The player can access the summit once they fully complete Mr. Qi's Golden Walnut room on Ginger Island.


Locations at the Railroad where forageable items can spawn.

Forageable items found on the ground in the Railroad are:[1]

There are only 31 locations where forageable items can spawn, and initially they are mostly covered by weeds, sticks, and rocks. Once the debris is cleared, items can spawn at an average rate of 0.1 per night.[2] The map shows the possible locations as red and magenta tiles; when the original trees are present, the magenta tiles have a 90% smaller chance of spawning items because they are identified as being behind the original trees.

Artifact Spots

The only Artifact that can be found by digging up Artifact Spots at the Railroad is:

Other possible items are:

Artifact spots spawn at an average rate of 0.25 per night, except in winter when the average rate increases to 0.4 per night.[4]

Villager Paths

Villager Paths at the Railroad

Most of the railroad map is safe from villagers destroying items placed on the map. However, four villagers do enter the area:

  • Abigail stands in front of the train platform most days in Summer (not on Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday).
  • Alex visits the Spa most days in Winter.
  • Linus stands next to the Spa all non-rainy days in Fall; he enters the Spa every day in Winter.
  • Sebastian walks the length of the train tracks on Thursdays.



  • Standing in front of a train will cause damage to the player. Standing inside the right side of the train tunnel will cause the player to get stuck, and eventually pass out if health is drained.

External Links

Users with access to their saved game files may find the "Stardew Predictor" utility helpful for predicting when trains will appear. The utility is located at: https://mouseypounds.github.io/stardew-predictor/


  1. For each forage item, the provided percentage is the average percentage of all forage items that will be the specified item for that season. The input data is Locations.xnb, which is processed by code in GameLocation::spawnObjects.
  2. Of the 4340 total tiles at the Railroad, 39 (0.7%) are valid spawn locations for standard forage items. For more information on forage item spawning, see Foraging.
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