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Open Hours: All Day
Closed: Never

The Spa is located within the area of the Railroad. It becomes available after the earthquake on the third of Summer of the first year clears the blocked pass from The Mountain.

By entering the Spa, passing through the changing room, and remaining stationary in the pool, the players energy and health is quickly restored.

There are two changing rooms - one for women and one for men. You can enter the changing room opposite to the player's gender, but only after attempting to enter several times in quick succession from the pool area.

While passing through the covered path from the locker room to the pool, the player changes into a swimsuit whose color is the same as the player's chosen pants color. Prismatic pants result in a prismatic swimsuit.


You can fish in the water outside the spa, except in Winter when the water is frozen. After reading Secret Note #25, the first time you fish there...

You will catch an Ornate Necklace, which can be given to Caroline for 50 Friendship points with her, or to Abigail for 100 friendship points with her.

If you have not found Secret Note #25, or have solved it, a painting titled 'Vista' will be fished up occasionally while fishing, Trash is the only other thing that can be fished up there.

Livin' Off The Land Tip

On the 15th of Summer (odd years), Livin' Off The Land airs an episode about the Spa:




It is possible to access the spa before the third day of summer by using the sword-swing glitch to get outside the map and walk around to the trigger area behind the blocked path. Unfortunately, this will cause you to be stuck in the area as trying to leave via the normal exit will cause you to get stuck in the rocks blocking the path.


  • 1.4: Added fishing in water outside spa. Removed bugs allowing players to retain the spa's healing and/or the swimsuit outfit outside of the spa.