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Tea Sapling

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Tea Sapling
Tea Sapling.png
Takes 20 days to mature. Produces tea leaves during the final week of each season, except winter. No watering necessary!
Crop: Tea Leaves.png Tea Leaves
Growth Time: 20 days


Sell Price: Gold.png500g
Purchase Prices
Pierre Icon.png General Store: Not sold
Morris Icon.png JojaMart: Not sold
Traveling Cart Icon.png Traveling Cart: Gold.png1,500-2,500g
Recipe Name: Tea Sapling
Recipe Source: Caroline Icon.png Mail the day after Caroline's 2-heart event.
Ingredients: Wild Seeds (Any) (2)Fiber.png Fiber (5)Wood.png Wood (5)
Produces: Tea Sapling.png Tea Sapling (1)

The Tea Sapling is a seed that takes 20 days to grow into a Tea Bush, after which it produces one Tea Leaves item each day of the final week (days 22-28) of Spring, Summer, and Fall (and Winter if indoors). Tea Saplings do not need to be watered in order to grow.

The Tea Sapling can be purchased from the Traveling Cart, though not often. Otherwise, it must be crafted. The crafting recipe is received via mail the day after Caroline's 2-Heart event.


Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Harvest After-Harvest
Tea Stage 1.png
Tea Stage 2.png
Tea Stage 3.png
Tea Stage 4.png
Tea Stage 3.png
10 Days 10 Days Up to and including
21st of the season
Total: 20 Days Regrowth: 1 Day


Villager Reactions


  • Crafting and selling a Tea Sapling is more profitable than selling its ingredients. The exact profit depends on the source of the Wild Seeds but is typically between Gold.png300g and Gold.png400g.
  • Tea Saplings can also be used as a substitute for fences, as the saplings are impassable and never wear out.


  • 1.4: Introduced.