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The television is available in players' farmhouse when beginning the game. There are a variety of channels with content that changes daily.

Players on the standard map start with a Budget TV, and players on non-standard maps start with a Floor TV. Players can later purchase a Plasma TV (an upgraded television set with a bigger screen) from Robin's carpenter shop.

Weather Report

Weather Report.png
See also: Weather

The weather report predicts the weather for the next day. After using a Rain Totem, the forecast is updated to reflect any change. Knowing about an upcoming rainy day is especially useful, since crops will not need watering then. Thus, continuity of crop watering can be assured even if the watering can is turned in for an upgrade today.

Once Ginger Island is unlocked, KOZU-5 also displays the island forecast immediately after the one for Stardew Valley itself.

Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller.png
See also: Luck

The Fortune Teller, named Welwick, tells the player what the player's Luck will be like today.

Livin' Off The Land

Livin' Off The Land.png
Main page: Livin' Off The Land

Livin' Off The Land is a channel that plays every Monday and Thursday, which gives the player a tip related to farming, fishing, foraging, or town life. There are no new episodes after the end of year 2; the show plays re-runs on a 2-year cycle thereafter.

The Queen of Sauce

Queen of Sauce.png
Main page: The Queen of Sauce

"The Queen of Sauce" is a television channel which teaches the player cooking recipes. Beginning on Spring 7, a new recipe airs each Sunday for the first 2 years of the game. On Wednesday, a random recipe that has previously aired on a Sunday airs as a "Re-run". Simply watching the channel will teach the player the recipe if it's not yet known. The rotation of Sunday recipes repeats on a 2-year schedule.


Warning: Spoilers

This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.5 of Stardew Valley. Mobile players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article.

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The Fishing Information Broadcasting Service is a channel unlocked after completing Pam's special order "The Strong Stuff". Pam sends the player a letter in the mail the day after the "Potato Juice" cutscene, asking if the player has ever tuned in to channel 736. It provides information about the current season's fishing opportunities (including species, time, weather requirement, and location).


  • 1.5: Added Weather Report for Ginger Island, FIBS channel