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Training Rod

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Training Rod
Training Rod.png
It's a lot easier to use than other rods, but can only catch basic fish.
Previous Tier: N/A
Next Tier: Bamboo Pole
Cost: Gold.png25g

Sold by: Fish Shop

The Training Rod is a special tool used to catch fish. It can be purchased for Gold.png25g from Willy's Fish Shop if the player has difficulty with the fishing minigame. It effectively sets the player's fishing skill equal to level 5 for the purposes of determining how big to make the green bar.

The Training Rod can catch only basic fish, and does not allow the use of Bait or Tackle. Additionally, it is impossible to catch silver/gold/iridium quality fish with the Training Rod. However, fish caught with the Training Rod grant the same XP as with any other fishing rod. They also count towards Achievements and the Fish Collection.

It is possible to collect fishing treasure chests with the Training Rod.

Basic Fish

The Training Rod can only catch fish with a difficulty lower than 50:

Anchovy, Bream, Bullhead, Carp, Chub, Green Algae, Herring, Perch, Rainbow Trout, Red Snapper, Sardine, Sea Cucumber, Seaweed, Shad, Smallmouth Bass, Sunfish, Walleye, White Algae


  • 1.4: Introduced.