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Traveling Cart

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Traveling Cart
Traveling Cart.png
Open Hours: 6:00am to 8:00pm Friday and Sunday
5:00pm to 2:00am during Night Market
Closed: Monday - Thursday, Saturday
Address: Cindersap Forest
Occupants: Traveling Cart Icon.png Traveling Merchant

The Traveling Cart is a shop that appears south of The Farm, in Cindersap Forest, on Fridays and Sundays. It also appears each day of the Night Market (Winter 15-17).

The cart is pulled by a pig wearing a fez and spectacles. If you interact with the pig, it oinks at you. Holding down the right mouse button will cause the pig to repeatedly oink, resembling a song. During the Night Market, the pig floats behind the cart in an inner tube.

The merchant sells a selection of random items in limited quantities (1 or 5 of each). Items are sometimes found for sale outside their normal seasons, which can be helpful for completing bundles.

Traveling Cart prices may vary from visit to visit. Prices are usually quite inflated, but you may find an item sold for less than its normal price.

The Merchant's stock consists of 10 items plus one piece of furniture. There may be an additional "special stock" item for sale as well. Stock changes each day the Traveling Merchant appears.

Special Stock

Note that the Coffee Bean and Rare Seed may also be sold during any season as Standard Stock.

Item Unit price Season Notes
Rare Seed.png Rare Seed Gold.png1,000g Spring.png Spring / Summer.png Summer 100% chance to appear
10% chance for 5 stacks; 90% chance for 1 stack.
Rarecrow 4.png Rarecrow (4 of 8) Gold.png4,000g Fall.png Fall / Winter.png Winter 40% chance to appear.
Coffee Bean.png Coffee Bean Gold.png2,500g All 25% chance to appear.
Wedding Ring.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Wedding Ring Recipe Gold.png500g All Multiplayer only: 100% chance to appear until purchased.
Singleplayer: Does not appear.

Standard Stock

Items not shown are not sold at the Traveling Cart. Items sold at the Traveling Cart are always of normal quality, never silver, gold, or iridium quality.

Cooked Dishes

Item Price
Algae Soup.png Algae Soup Gold.png300-1,000g
Artichoke Dip.png Artichoke Dip Gold.png630-1,050g
Autumn's Bounty.png Autumn's Bounty Gold.png1,050-1,750g
Baked Fish.png Baked Fish Gold.png300-1,000g
Bean Hotpot.png Bean Hotpot Gold.png300-1,000g
Blackberry Cobbler.png Blackberry Cobbler Gold.png780-1,300g
Blueberry Tart.png Blueberry Tart Gold.png450-1,000g
Bread.png Bread Gold.png180-1,000g
Bruschetta.png Bruschetta Gold.png630-1,050g
Carp Surprise.png Carp Surprise Gold.png450-1,000g
Cheese Cauliflower.png Cheese Cauliflower Gold.png900-1,500g
Chocolate Cake.png Chocolate Cake Gold.png600-1,000g
Chowder.png Chowder Gold.png405-1,000g
Coleslaw.png Coleslaw Gold.png1,035-1,725g
Complete Breakfast.png Complete Breakfast Gold.png1,050-1,750g
Cookie.png Cookie Gold.png420-1,000g
Crab Cakes.png Crab Cakes Gold.png825-1,375g
Cranberry Candy.png Cranberry Candy Gold.png525-1,000g
Cranberry Sauce.png Cranberry Sauce Gold.png360-1,000g
Crispy Bass.png Crispy Bass Gold.png450-1,000g
Dish o' The Sea.png Dish o' The Sea Gold.png660-1,100g
Eggplant Parmesan.png Eggplant Parmesan Gold.png600-1,000g
Escargot.png Escargot Gold.png375-1,000g
Farmer's Lunch.png Farmer's Lunch Gold.png450-1,000g
Fiddlehead Risotto.png Fiddlehead Risotto Gold.png1,050-1,750g
Fish Stew.png Fish Stew Gold.png525-1,000g
Fish Taco.png Fish Taco Gold.png1,500-2,500g
Fried Calamari.png Fried Calamari Gold.png450-1,000g
Fried Eel.png Fried Eel Gold.png360-1,000g
Fried Egg.png Fried Egg Gold.png105-1,000g
Fried Mushroom.png Fried Mushroom Gold.png600-1,000g
Fruit Salad.png Fruit Salad Gold.png1,350-2,250g
Glazed Yams.png Glazed Yams Gold.png600-1,000g
Hashbrowns.png Hashbrowns Gold.png360-1,000g
Ice Cream.png Ice Cream Gold.png360-1,000g
Lobster Bisque.png Lobster Bisque Gold.png615-1,025g
Lucky Lunch.png Lucky Lunch Gold.png750-1,250g
Maki Roll.png Maki Roll Gold.png660-1,100g
Maple Bar.png Maple Bar Gold.png900-1,500g
Miner's Treat.png Miner's Treat Gold.png600-1,000g
Omelet.png Omelet Gold.png375-1,000g
Pale Broth.png Pale Broth Gold.png450-1,000g
Pancakes.png Pancakes Gold.png240-1,000g
Parsnip Soup.png Parsnip Soup Gold.png360-1,000g
Pepper Poppers.png Pepper Poppers Gold.png600-1,000g
Pink Cake.png Pink Cake Gold.png1,440-2,400g
Pizza.png Pizza Gold.png900-1,500g
Plum Pudding.png Plum Pudding Gold.png780-1,300g
Poppyseed Muffin.png Poppyseed Muffin Gold.png750-1,250g
Pumpkin Pie.png Pumpkin Pie Gold.png1,155-1,925g
Pumpkin Soup.png Pumpkin Soup Gold.png900-1,500g
Radish Salad.png Radish Salad Gold.png900-1,500g
Red Plate.png Red Plate Gold.png1,200-2,000g
Rhubarb Pie.png Rhubarb Pie Gold.png1,200-2,000g
Rice Pudding.png Rice Pudding Gold.png780-1,300g
Roasted Hazelnuts.png Roasted Hazelnuts Gold.png810-1,350g
Roots Platter.png Roots Platter Gold.png300-1,000g
Salad.png Salad Gold.png330-1,000g
Salmon Dinner.png Salmon Dinner Gold.png900-1,500g
Sashimi.png Sashimi Gold.png225-1,000g
Seafoam Pudding.png Seafoam Pudding Gold.png900-1,500g
Shrimp Cocktail.png Shrimp Cocktail Gold.png480-1,000g
Spaghetti.png Spaghetti Gold.png360-1,000g
Spicy Eel.png Spicy Eel Gold.png525-1,000g
Stir Fry.png Stir Fry Gold.png1,005-1,675g
Strange Bun.png Strange Bun Gold.png675-1,125g
Stuffing.png Stuffing Gold.png495-1,000g
Super Meal.png Super Meal Gold.png660-1,100g
Survival Burger.png Survival Burger Gold.png540-1,000g
Tom Kha Soup.png Tom Kha Soup Gold.png750-1,250g
Tortilla.png Tortilla Gold.png150-1,000g
Triple Shot Espresso.png Triple Shot Espresso Gold.png1,350-2,250g
Trout Soup.png Trout Soup Gold.png300-1,000g
Vegetable Medley.png Vegetable Medley Gold.png360-1,000g

Crops & Foraging

Item Price
Amaranth.png Amaranth Gold.png450-1,000g
Artichoke.png Artichoke Gold.png480-1,000g
Beet.png Beet Gold.png300-1,000g
Bok Choy.png Bok Choy Gold.png240-1,000g
Cauliflower.png Cauliflower Gold.png525-1,000g
Corn.png Corn Gold.png150-1,000g
Eggplant.png Eggplant Gold.png180-1,000g
Fiddlehead Fern.png Fiddlehead Fern Gold.png270-1,000g
Garlic.png Garlic Gold.png180-1,000g
Green Bean.png Green Bean Gold.png120-1,000g
Hops.png Hops Gold.png100-1,000g
Kale.png Kale Gold.png330-1,000g
Parsnip.png Parsnip Gold.png105-1,000g
Potato.png Potato Gold.png240-1,000g
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Gold.png960-1,600g
Radish.png Radish Gold.png270-1,000g
Red Cabbage.png Red Cabbage Gold.png780-1,300g
Tomato.png Tomato Gold.png180-1,000g
Unmilled Rice.png Unmilled Rice Gold.png100-1,000g
Wheat.png Wheat Gold.png100-1,000g
Yam.png Yam Gold.png480-1,000g
Apple.png Apple Gold.png300-1,000g
Apricot.png Apricot Gold.png150-1,000g
Blackberry.png Blackberry Gold.png100-1,000g
Blueberry.png Blueberry Gold.png150-1,000g
Cactus Fruit.png Cactus Fruit Gold.png225-1,000g
Cherry.png Cherry Gold.png240-1,000g
Coconut.png Coconut Gold.png300-1,000g
Cranberries.png Cranberries Gold.png225-1,000g
Crystal Fruit.png Crystal Fruit Gold.png450-1,000g
Grape.png Grape Gold.png240-1,000g
Hot Pepper.png Hot Pepper Gold.png120-1,000g
Melon.png Melon Gold.png750-1,250g
Orange.png Orange Gold.png300-1,000g
Peach.png Peach Gold.png420-1,000g
Pomegranate.png Pomegranate Gold.png420-1,000g
Rhubarb.png Rhubarb Gold.png660-1,100g
Salmonberry.png Salmonberry Gold.png100-1,000g
Spice Berry.png Spice Berry Gold.png240-1,000g
Starfruit.png Starfruit Gold.png2,250-3,750g
Strawberry.png Strawberry Gold.png360-1,000g
Wild Plum.png Wild Plum Gold.png240-1,000g
Blue Jazz.png Blue Jazz Gold.png150-1,000g
Crocus.png Crocus Gold.png180-1,000g
Fairy Rose.png Fairy Rose Gold.png870-1,450g
Poppy.png Poppy Gold.png420-1,000g
Summer Spangle.png Summer Spangle Gold.png270-1,000g
Sunflower.png Sunflower Gold.png240-1,000g
Sweet Pea.png Sweet Pea Gold.png150-1,000g
Tulip.png Tulip Gold.png100-1,000g
Cave Carrot.png Cave Carrot Gold.png100-1,000g
Chanterelle.png Chanterelle Gold.png480-1,000g
Common Mushroom.png Common Mushroom Gold.png120-1,000g
Daffodil.png Daffodil Gold.png100-1,000g
Dandelion.png Dandelion Gold.png120-1,000g
Hazelnut.png Hazelnut Gold.png270-1,000g
Holly.png Holly Gold.png240-1,000g
Leek.png Leek Gold.png180-1,000g
Morel.png Morel Gold.png450-1,000g
Purple Mushroom.png Purple Mushroom Gold.png750-1,250g
Red Mushroom.png Red Mushroom Gold.png225-1,000g
Sap.png Sap Gold.png100-1,000g
Snow Yam.png Snow Yam Gold.png300-1,000g
Spring Onion.png Spring Onion Gold.png100-1,000g
Wild Horseradish.png Wild Horseradish Gold.png150-1,000g
Winter Root.png Winter Root Gold.png210-1,000g

Seeds & Fertilizer

Item Price
Basic Fertilizer.png Basic Fertilizer Gold.png100-1,000g
Basic Retaining Soil.png Basic Retaining Soil Gold.png100-1,000g
Deluxe Speed-Gro.png Deluxe Speed-Gro Gold.png120-1,000g
Quality Fertilizer.png Quality Fertilizer Gold.png100-1,000g
Quality Retaining Soil.png Quality Retaining Soil Gold.png100-1,000g
Speed-Gro.png Speed-Gro Gold.png100-1,000g
Acorn.png Acorn Gold.png100-1,000g
Maple Seed.png Maple Seed Gold.png100-1,000g
Pine Cone.png Pine Cone Gold.png100-1,000g
Apple Sapling.png Apple Sapling Gold.png3,000-5,000g
Apricot Sapling.png Apricot Sapling Gold.png1,500-2,500g
Cherry Sapling.png Cherry Sapling Gold.png2,550-4,250g
Orange Sapling.png Orange Sapling Gold.png3,000-5,000g
Peach Sapling.png Peach Sapling Gold.png4,500-7,500g
Pomegranate Sapling.png Pomegranate Sapling Gold.png4,500-7,500g
Tea Sapling.png Tea Sapling Gold.png1,500-2,500g
Amaranth Seeds.png Amaranth Seeds Gold.png105-1,000g
Ancient Seeds.png Ancient Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Artichoke Seeds.png Artichoke Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Bean Starter.png Bean Starter Gold.png100-1,000g
Beet Seeds.png Beet Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Blueberry Seeds.png Blueberry Seeds Gold.png120-1,000g
Bok Choy Seeds.png Bok Choy Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Cauliflower Seeds.png Cauliflower Seeds Gold.png120-1,000g
Coffee Bean.png Coffee Bean Gold.png100-1,000g
Corn Seeds.png Corn Seeds Gold.png225-1,000g
Cranberry Seeds.png Cranberry Seeds Gold.png360-1,000g
Eggplant Seeds.png Eggplant Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Fairy Seeds.png Fairy Seeds Gold.png300-1,000g
Fall Seeds.png Fall Seeds Gold.png135-1,000g
Garlic Seeds.png Garlic Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Grape Starter.png Grape Starter Gold.png100-1,000g
Hops Starter.png Hops Starter Gold.png100-1,000g
Jazz Seeds.png Jazz Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Kale Seeds.png Kale Seeds Gold.png105-1,000g
Melon Seeds.png Melon Seeds Gold.png120-1,000g
Parsnip Seeds.png Parsnip Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Pepper Seeds.png Pepper Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Poppy Seeds.png Poppy Seeds Gold.png150-1,000g
Potato Seeds.png Potato Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Pumpkin Seeds.png Pumpkin Seeds Gold.png150-1,000g
Radish Seeds.png Radish Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Rare Seed.png Rare Seed Gold.png600-1,000g
Red Cabbage Seeds.png Red Cabbage Seeds Gold.png150-1,000g
Rhubarb Seeds.png Rhubarb Seeds Gold.png150-1,000g
Rice Shoot.png Rice Shoot Gold.png100-1,000g
Spangle Seeds.png Spangle Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Spring Seeds.png Spring Seeds Gold.png105-1,000g
Starfruit Seeds.png Starfruit Seeds Gold.png600-1,000g
Summer Seeds.png Summer Seeds Gold.png165-1,000g
Sunflower Seeds.png Sunflower Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Tomato Seeds.png Tomato Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Tulip Bulb.png Tulip Bulb Gold.png100-1,000g
Wheat Seeds.png Wheat Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Winter Seeds.png Winter Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g
Yam Seeds.png Yam Seeds Gold.png100-1,000g

Fish & Beach Forage

Item Price
Clam.png Clam Gold.png150-1,000g
Coral.png Coral Gold.png240-1,000g
Nautilus Shell.png Nautilus Shell Gold.png360-1,000g
Rainbow Shell.png Rainbow Shell Gold.png900-1,500g
Sea Urchin.png Sea Urchin Gold.png480-1,000g
Joja Cola.png Joja Cola Gold.png100-1,000g
Albacore.png Albacore Gold.png225-1,000g
Anchovy.png Anchovy Gold.png100-1,000g
Bream.png Bream Gold.png135-1,000g
Bullhead.png Bullhead Gold.png225-1,000g
Carp.png Carp Gold.png100-1,000g
Catfish.png Catfish Gold.png600-1,000g
Chub.png Chub Gold.png150-1,000g
Cockle.png Cockle Gold.png150-1,000g
Crab.png Crab Gold.png300-1,000g
Crayfish.png Crayfish Gold.png225-1,000g
Dorado.png Dorado Gold.png300-1,000g
Eel.png Eel Gold.png255-1,000g
Flounder.png Flounder Gold.png300-1,000g
Ghostfish.png Ghostfish Gold.png135-1,000g
Halibut.png Halibut Gold.png240-1,000g
Herring.png Herring Gold.png100-1,000g
Largemouth Bass.png Largemouth Bass Gold.png300-1,000g
Lingcod.png Lingcod Gold.png360-1,000g
Lobster.png Lobster Gold.png360-1,000g
Midnight Carp.png Midnight Carp Gold.png450-1,000g
Mussel.png Mussel Gold.png100-1,000g
Octopus.png Octopus Gold.png450-1,000g
Oyster.png Oyster Gold.png120-1,000g
Perch.png Perch Gold.png165-1,000g
Periwinkle.png Periwinkle Gold.png100-1,000g
Pike.png Pike Gold.png300-1,000g
Pufferfish.png Pufferfish Gold.png600-1,000g
Rainbow Trout.png Rainbow Trout Gold.png195-1,000g
Red Mullet.png Red Mullet Gold.png225-1,000g
Red Snapper.png Red Snapper Gold.png150-1,000g
Salmon.png Salmon Gold.png225-1,000g
Sandfish.png Sandfish Gold.png225-1,000g
Sardine.png Sardine Gold.png120-1,000g
Scorpion Carp.png Scorpion Carp Gold.png450-1,000g
Sea Cucumber.png Sea Cucumber Gold.png225-1,000g
Shad.png Shad Gold.png180-1,000g
Shrimp.png Shrimp Gold.png180-1,000g
Smallmouth Bass.png Smallmouth Bass Gold.png150-1,000g
Snail.png Snail Gold.png195-1,000g
Squid.png Squid Gold.png240-1,000g
Sturgeon.png Sturgeon Gold.png600-1,000g
Sunfish.png Sunfish Gold.png100-1,000g
Super Cucumber.png Super Cucumber Gold.png750-1,250g
Tiger Trout.png Tiger Trout Gold.png450-1,000g
Tilapia.png Tilapia Gold.png225-1,000g
Tuna.png Tuna Gold.png300-1,000g
Walleye.png Walleye Gold.png315-1,000g
Woodskip.png Woodskip Gold.png225-1,000g

Artisan Goods

Item Price
Beer.png Beer Gold.png600-1,000g
Caviar.png Caviar Gold.png1,500-2,500g
Cheese.png Cheese Gold.png690-1,150g
Cloth.png Cloth Gold.png1,410-2,350g
Duck Mayonnaise.png Duck Mayonnaise Gold.png1,125-1,875g
Goat Cheese.png Goat Cheese Gold.png1,200-2,000g
Green Tea.png Green Tea Gold.png300-1,000g
Honey.png Honey Gold.png300-1,000g
Jelly.png Jelly Gold.png480-1,000g
Juice.png Juice Gold.png450-1,000g
Mayonnaise.png Mayonnaise Gold.png570-1,000g
Mead.png Mead Gold.png600-1,000g
Pale Ale.png Pale Ale Gold.png900-1,500g
Pickles.png Pickles Gold.png300-1,000g
Truffle Oil.png Truffle Oil Gold.png3,195-5,325g
Wine.png Wine Gold.png1,200-2,000g

Animal Products

Item Price
Duck Feather.png Duck Feather Gold.png375-1,000g
Rabbit's Foot.png Rabbit's Foot Gold.png1,695-2,825g
Wool.png Wool Gold.png1,020-1,700g
Duck Egg.png Duck Egg Gold.png285-1,000g
Egg.png Egg (white or brown) Gold.png150-1,000g
Large Egg.png Large Egg (white or brown) Gold.png285-1,000g
Goat Milk.png Goat Milk Gold.png675-1,125g
Large Goat Milk.png Large Goat Milk Gold.png1,035-1,725g
Milk.png Milk Gold.png375-1,000g
Large Milk.png Large Milk Gold.png570-1,000g
Truffle.png Truffle Gold.png1,875-3,125g


Item Price
Bomb.png Bomb Gold.png150-1,000g
Brick Floor.png Brick Floor Gold.png100-1,000g
Cherry Bomb.png Cherry Bomb Gold.png150-1,000g
Cobblestone Path.png Cobblestone Path Gold.png100-1,000g
Crystal Floor.png Crystal Floor Gold.png100-1,000g
Crystal Path.png Crystal Path Gold.png100-1,000g
Gate.png Gate Gold.png100-1,000g
Gravel Path.png Gravel Path Gold.png100-1,000g
Hardwood Fence.png Hardwood Fence Gold.png100-1,000g
Iron Fence.png Iron Fence Gold.png100-1,000g
Life Elixir.png Life Elixir Gold.png1,500-2,500g
Mega Bomb.png Mega Bomb Gold.png150-1,000g
Oil of Garlic.png Oil of Garlic Gold.png3,000-5,000g
Quality Sprinkler.png Quality Sprinkler Gold.png1,350-2,250g
Sprinkler.png Sprinkler Gold.png300-1,000g
Stepping Stone Path.png Stepping Stone Path Gold.png100-1,000g
Stone Fence.png Stone Fence Gold.png100-1,000g
Stone Floor.png Stone Floor Gold.png100-1,000g
Straw Floor.png Straw Floor Gold.png100-1,000g
Weathered Floor.png Weathered Floor Gold.png100-1,000g
Wood Fence.png Wood Fence Gold.png100-1,000g
Wood Floor.png Wood Floor Gold.png100-1,000g
Wood Path.png Wood Path Gold.png100-1,000g


Item Price
Coal.png Coal Gold.png100-1,000g
Copper Bar.png Copper Bar Gold.png180-1,000g
Copper Ore.png Copper Ore Gold.png100-1,000g
Gold Bar.png Gold Bar Gold.png750-1,250g
Gold Ore.png Gold Ore Gold.png100-1,000g
Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar Gold.png3,000-5,000g
Iridium Ore.png Iridium Ore Gold.png300-1,000g
Iron Bar.png Iron Bar Gold.png360-1,000g
Iron Ore.png Iron Ore Gold.png100-1,000g
Refined Quartz.png Refined Quartz Gold.png150-1,000g
Battery Pack.png Battery Pack Gold.png1,500-2,500g
Clay.png Clay Gold.png100-1,000g
Fiber.png Fiber Gold.png100-1,000g
Hardwood.png Hardwood Gold.png100-1,000g
Stone.png Stone Gold.png100-1,000g
Wood.png Wood Gold.png100-1,000g


Item Price
Maple Syrup.png Maple Syrup Gold.png600-1,000g
Oak Resin.png Oak Resin Gold.png450-1,000g
Pine Tar.png Pine Tar Gold.png300-1,000g

Bait & Tackle

Item Price
Bait.png Bait Gold.png100-1,000g
Magnet.png Magnet Gold.png100-1,000g
Barbed Hook.png Barbed Hook Gold.png1,500-2,500g
Cork Bobber.png Cork Bobber Gold.png750-1,250g
Dressed Spinner.png Dressed Spinner Gold.png1,500-2,500g
Lead Bobber.png Lead Bobber Gold.png450-1,000g
Spinner.png Spinner Gold.png750-1,250g
Trap Bobber.png Trap Bobber Gold.png600-1,000g
Treasure Hunter.png Treasure Hunter Gold.png750-1,250g

Monster Loot

Item Price
Bat Wing.png Bat Wing Gold.png100-1,000g
Bug Meat.png Bug Meat Gold.png100-1,000g
Slime.png Slime Gold.png100-1,000g
Solar Essence.png Solar Essence Gold.png120-1,000g
Void Essence.png Void Essence Gold.png150-1,000g


Each piece of Furniture shown below has an equal chance of appearing in the Traveling Cart's stock (1/145 or 0.68%). The price for each will be between Gold.png250-2,500g.

Furniture not shown is not sold at the Traveling Cart.

Chairs, Benches, & Couches

Oak Chair.png Oak Chair Walnut Chair.png Walnut Chair Birch Chair.png Birch Chair Mahogany Chair.png Mahogany Chair Red Diner Chair.png Red Diner Chair Blue Diner Chair.png Blue Diner Chair Country Chair.png Country Chair Breakfast Chair.png Breakfast Chair

Pink Office Chair.png Pink Office Chair Purple Office Chair.png Purple Office Chair Green Office Stool.png Green Office Stool Orange Office Stool.png Orange Office Stool
Dark Throne.png Dark Throne Dining Chair (yellow).png Dining Chair (yellow) Dining Chair (red).png Dining Chair (red)

Green Plush Seat.png Green Plush Seat Pink Plush Seat.png Pink Plush Seat Winter Chair.png Winter Chair Groovy Chair.png Groovy Chair Cute Chair.png Cute Chair Stump Seat.png Stump Seat Metal Chair.png Metal Chair King Chair.png King Chair

Blue Armchair.png Blue Armchair Brown Armchair.png Brown Armchair Green Armchair.png Green Armchair Red Armchair.png Red Armchair Yellow Armchair.png Yellow Armchair Birch Bench.png Birch Bench Oak Bench.png Oak Bench Walnut Bench.png Walnut Bench Mahogany Bench.png Mahogany Bench Modern Bench.png Modern Bench

Blue Couch.png Blue Couch Brown Couch.png Brown Couch Green Couch.png Green Couch Red Couch.png Red Couch Yellow Couch.png Yellow Couch Dark Couch.png Dark Couch Wizard Couch.png Wizard Couch Woodsy Couch.png Woodsy Couch Green Stool.png Green Stool Blue Stool.png Blue Stool


Oak Table.png Oak Table Oak Tea-Table.png Oak Tea-Table Oak End Table.png Oak End Table Birch Table.png Birch Table Birch Tea-Table.png Birch Tea-Table Birch End Table.png Birch End Table Mahogany Table.png Mahogany Table

Mahogany Tea-Table.png Mahogany Tea-Table Mahogany End Table.png Mahogany End Table Walnut Table.png Walnut Table Walnut Tea-Table.png Walnut Tea-Table Walnut End Table.png Walnut End Table Modern Table.png Modern Table Modern Tea-Table.png Modern Tea-Table

Modern End Table.png Modern End Table Puzzle Table.png Puzzle Table Moon Table.png Moon Table Luxury Table.png Luxury Table Diviner Table.png Diviner Table Grandmother End Table.png Grandmother End Table Pub Table.png Pub Table

Luau Table.png Luau Table Dark Table.png Dark Table Candy Table.png Candy Table Sun Table.png Sun Table Winter Table.png Winter Table Winter End Table.png Winter End Table Neolithic Table.png Neolithic Table

Coffee Table.png Coffee Table

Stone Slab.png Stone Slab

Modern Dining Table.png Modern Dining Table

Mahogany Dining Table.png Mahogany Dining Table

Festive Dining Table.png Festive Dining Table

Winter Dining Table.png Winter Dining Table

Decorative Plants

House Plant.png House Plant House Plant 2.png House Plant House Plant 3.png House Plant House Plant 4.png House Plant House Plant 5.png House Plant House Plant 6.png House Plant

House Plant 7.png House Plant House Plant 8.png House Plant House Plant 9.png House Plant House Plant 10.png House Plant House Plant 11.png House Plant House Plant 12.png House Plant

House Plant 13.png House Plant House Plant 14.png House Plant House Plant 15.png House Plant

Small Plant.png Small Plant

Table Plant.png Table Plant

Indoor Palm.png Indoor Palm

Topiary Tree.png Topiary Tree Manicured Pine.png Manicured Pine Tree of the Winter Star.png Tree of the Winter Star

Paintings & Wall Hangings

'Highway 89'.png 'Highway 89' 'Primal Motion'.png 'Primal Motion' 'Spires'.png 'Spires' 'Pathways'.png 'Pathways' 'The Muzzamaroo'.png 'The Muzzamaroo' 'Vanilla Villa'.png 'Vanilla Villa'

'VGA Paradise'.png 'VGA Paradise' 'Kitemaster '95'.png 'Kitemaster '95' 'Sun 44'.png 'Sun #44' Calico Falls.png Calico Falls 'Queen of the Gem Sea'.png 'Queen of the Gem Sea' J. Cola Light.png J. Cola Light

'Sun 45'.png 'Sun #45' 'Blue City'.png 'Blue City' 'Blueberries'.png 'Blueberries' 'Little Tree'.png 'Little Tree' Needlepoint Flower.png Needlepoint Flower

'Dancing Grass'.png 'Dancing Grass' Little Photos.png Little Photos Skull Poster.png Skull Poster Wallflower Pal.png Wallflower Pal

Other Furniture

Artist Bookcase.png Artist Bookcase

Modern Bookcase.png Modern Bookcase

Luxury Bookcase.png Luxury Bookcase

Dark Bookcase.png Dark Bookcase

China Cabinet.png China Cabinet

Birch Dresser.png Birch Dresser

Oak Dresser.png Oak Dresser

Walnut Dresser.png Walnut Dresser

Mahogany Dresser.png Mahogany Dresser

Dark Rug.png Dark Rug

Patchwork Rug.png Patchwork Rug

Red Rug.png Red Rug

Country Lamp.png Country Lamp Modern Lamp.png Modern Lamp Classic Lamp.png Classic Lamp Box Lamp.png Box Lamp

Ceramic Pillar.png Ceramic Pillar Gold Pillar.png Gold Pillar Industrial Pipe.png Industrial Pipe Totem Pole.png Totem Pole

Decorative Bowl.png Decorative Bowl Decorative Lantern.png Decorative Lantern Globe.png Globe Model Ship.png Model Ship Small Crystal.png Small Crystal Futan Bear.png Futan Bear

External Links

Players with access to their saved game files may find the "Stardew Predictor" utility helpful for predicting which items the Traveling Cart will offer each week, and during the Night Market. The utility is located at


  • For the Android version from Google Play, if you buy something from the cart, save the game, exit to title, and load the game, you can buy the item again. This can be repeated indefinitely.
  • For the iOS version of the game, if you buy something from the cart, then exit and reenter the shop menu, you can buy the item again. This can be repeated indefinitely.


  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.1: Added Coffee Bean for purchase.
  • 1.3: Added appearance at Night Market.
  • 1.4: Removed duplicate entries from Standard Stock. Removed Sweet Gem Berry, Void Egg, and Void Mayonnaise from potential standard stock. Added new items to standard stock: Brick Floor, Caviar, Flounder, Green Tea, Midnight Carp, Rice Shoot, Seafoam Pudding, Shrimp Cocktail, Tea Sapling, Triple Shot Espresso, Unmilled Rice.