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About Me

Hi there, I'm MadMarty28 and I'm currently binge-gaming Stardew Valley (1.4.3, plain vanilla) on PC. Despite playing for 200+ hours, I'm still on my first farm. I got most of the Steam achievements done and my next big endeavours are descending into Level 100 of the Skull cavern and triggering the Group 10-Heart Event (sadly I had to make Maru forget our marriage first). I know, I should have named myself "BadMarty28" instead!

When I'm not playing Stardew Valley, I might be playing other Steam games, mostly Elite Dangerous and Euro Truck Simulator 2 (both on VR which, I thought originally, was more fun than it actually is). Apart from that, I'm a software developer (mainly Java and a few smaller Linux/Tomcat/Jenkins admin assignments).

Btw, if someone is wondering what "Mad Marty" refers to: I named my farm "Woodtick", my cat "Largo", my horse "Wally", my children "Guybrush" and "Elaine" and my Favorite Thing is "Laundry". So, make an educated guess ;)

My Farm

Concerning aesthetics, I still gotta work on my farm, both on the layout and the decoration :D But hey, I got some ponds right in the middle, including but not limited to Lava Eel and Sea Cucumber ponds, and I recently built enough barns and coops so they form one large courtyard and I only need one piece of fence and one gate to keep the cattle inside. And since I'm lazy, I'm gonna upgrade each one of them to deluxe size and put an auto-grabber inside.

Apart from that, I got a couple of Iridium Sprinklers and almost every building that you can build including a desert obelisk. I'm still working on the other obelisks. Mind you, I've just started collecting Iridium, mostly from the Statue Of Perfection. Oh, and I'm currently lacking the coinage (making ~10 to 20k a day) :D

Wiki Activity

I signed up here because I love the game and, as a software developer, I also love good documentation. I may not be the most active member but I like adding/editing bits and pieces every now and then when I notice something is missing or has been added or changed after a game update.

Btw, my native language is German, so I might take a look into Margotbean's To Do List concerning v1.3 changes which need translating. Also, feel free to ask me on my talk page about anything regarding German translations :)