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“Difficulties are always solved, aren't they?”
— Reiki

Key words of "Reiki": PC; 1.4.5; no game code; not often; poor English :p

Sth. about Me

Hello, traveler! I'm not really often at Stardew Valley Wiki. Where I play my SV is PC, the version of my SV is 1.4.5 now, but I don't have much contact with game code, so if I want to test something, I will actually do it directly in the game. I'm sorry if my poor English has given you some trouble, but I will welcome any of discussions and try my best to make orthers understand what I mean. If you do well in Chinese or Japanese, I will be very happy as we can communicate fluently without misunderstanding. Because of this Wiki and its talks, I switch my game language frequently between the 3 languages :)

Suggestion to New Editor

If you are an editor and you happen to come to this page, please remember to click "show preview" to confirm your changes before you save them. If you are worried about auto-saving, I will suggest that you use your local note to make your draft. If you want to get noticed, deselect "This is a minor edit" when you are editing or "Mark all edits minor by default" in your preference. :)

Wish you a best journey!

Reiki (talk) 08:23, 13 August 2020 (UTC)