Volcano Dungeon

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This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.5 of Stardew Valley. Mobile players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article.


Volcano Dungeon's Entryway

At the north end of Ginger Island, there is a volcano with a cave in it. Entering the cave puts the player outside of the Volcano Dungeon. The entryway has a pool of water on the left side, along with a gate in the bottom right corner with a button on the far side of the gate. This cannot be accessed until the player has completed the dungeon.

The lava river can be crossed by pouring water on it with a watering can. A steel (or higher) watering can is able to cover 5 squares in line, which will cover the width of the lava river without having to use the watering can numerous times. The path will stay for the length of the day, but disappears every night. After the player completes the dungeon, a parrot will offer to build a bridge in exchange for Golden Walnuts.

Once across the lava river, the player can proceed north through the doorway to enter the first level of the dungeon.

Mystic stones and iridium nodes occasionally appear in the dungeon. Unlike the Mines or Skull Cavern, leaving and reentering the dungeon does not result in monsters spawning again on the same day. Level 9 always contains a chest.


Unlike the Skull Cavern or the Mines, the Volcano Dungeon does not have ladders or instant exits on every level. There is an exit on the 10th level in the lower left corner that takes the player back to the entrance of the tunnel and allows them to unlock the gate for future access to the forge.

At a certain point, a parrot will appear on the 5th level and can create an exit for 5 Golden Walnuts. This exit takes the player to the east side of the volcano, next to the Parrot Express.


The volcano dungeon holds a unique set of Monsters.

Image Monster HP Damage Notes
Dwarvish Sentry.png
Dwarvish Sentry 300 18 Has a chance to spawn when a crate is broken. May drop a gem on death.
False Magma Cap.png
False Magma Cap 290 15 Replicates the rock crab A.I. Drops a Magma Cap on death.
Hot Head.png
Hot Head 215 18 At low HP or death, it becomes a bomb that will explode quickly. May drop Solar Essence on death.
Lava Lurk.png
Lava Lurk 220 15 Shoots 4 fireballs that will travel through walls. May drop Bone Fragment or Dragon Tooth on death. Possible to kill when the Lava Lurk is within two spaces of the edge of the lava pool.
Magma Sprite.png
Magma Sprite 220 15 May drop Cinder Shard on death.
Magma Sparker.png
Magma Sparker 310 15 Can inflict Burn debuff on player. May drop Cinder Shard on death.
Magma Duggy.png
Magma Duggy 380 16 May drop Taro Root, Banana Sapling, or Mega Bomb on death.
Tiger Slime.png
Tiger Slime 415 23

Special Floors

Volcano Caldera

Level 10 of the dungeon contains the Forge. Players can pay Cinder Shards to use various gems on their weapons and equipment, giving enhancements and enchantments. This level has an exit to the volcano's entry in the lower left corner. Players can fish in the new magma area, to get items such as Lava Eel, fishing junk, and new furniture item(s) such as the painting 'Physics 101'. After achieving 100% Perfection, you can obtain a secret hat.

Gated Doors

On some floors in the dungeon, the doorway is blocked by a fence. In order to unlock it the player must go walk over the corresponding buttons on that level. The door will have small red or green dots to show how many buttons there are and if they've been pressed yet. Once all of the dots are green, the gate will open and the player can move on to the next level.

Mushroom Floors

A mushroom floor.

In the Volcano Dungeon, mushroom floors are filled with Magma Caps and False Magma Caps, which will come to life and attack the player when they are close by. There are also mushroom husks that can be cut through like grass.


Some floors have islands surrounded by lava. Occasionally the buttons, treasure chests, or useful mining nodes will spawn on the islands. To reach them, the player simply uses their watering can to pour water on the lava and create a bridge the same way they did to gain access to the dungeon. Fishing inside the dungeon is not possible.


There are two types of treasure chests that can spawn randomly, common and rare. The chance for a chest to be rare is significantly higher on the 9th level and is also affected by Luck.

Common Chests

A common chest
Image Name Description Quantity Chance
Cinder Shard.png
Cinder Shard You can feel a warm glow from within this stone. 1 1/7*
Golden Coconut.png
Golden Coconut This is one tough nut to crack, but a professional might be able to break it open. 1 1/7*
Taro Tuber.png
Taro Tuber Plant these in warm weather. Takes 10 days to mature. Grows faster if planted near a body of water. 8 1/7*
Pineapple Seeds.png
Pineapple Seeds Plant these in warm weather. Takes 14 days to mature, and keeps producing fruit after that. 5 1/7*
Protection Ring.png
Protection Ring Stay invincible for a little while longer after taking damage. 1 1/7*
Soul Sapper Ring.png
Soul Sapper Ring Gain a little bit of energy every time you slay a monster. 1 1/7*
Dwarf Sword.png
Dwarf Sword It's ancient, but the blade never dulls. 1 1/21*
Dwarf Hammer.png
Dwarf Hammer It emits a very faint whirring sound. 1 1/21*
Dwarf Dagger.png
Dwarf Dagger It's ancient, but the blade never dulls. 1 1/21*

Rare Chests

A rare chest
Image Name Description Quantity Chance
Cinder Shard.png
Cinder Shard You can feel a warm glow from within this stone. 10 1/9*
Mermaid Boots.png
Mermaid Boots Mermaid scales gives these boots a protective aura. 1 1/9*
Dragonscale Boots.png
Dragonscale Boots These shimmering boots are extremely tough. 1 1/9*
Golden Coconut.png
Golden Coconut This is one tough nut to crack, but a professional might be able to break it open. 3 1/9*
Phoenix Ring.png
Phoenix Ring Once a day, regain some health after being knocked out in combat. 1 1/9*
Hot Java Ring.png
Hot Java Ring Greatly increases your chance to find coffee drinks when slaying monsters. 1 1/9*
Deluxe Pirate Hat.png
Deluxe Pirate Hat Only the most infamous pirate could pull off this look. 1 1/9*
Ostrich Egg.png
Ostrich Egg It may be the world's largest egg. 1 1/9*
Dragontooth Cutlass.png
Dragontooth Cutlass The blade was forged from a magical tooth. 1 1/27*
Dragontooth Club.png
Dragontooth Club This club was crafted from a magical tooth. 1 1/27*
Dragontooth Shiv.png
Dragontooth Shiv The blade was forged from a magical tooth. 1 1/27*

*It is impossible to get a Golden Coconut from either chest before one is cracked. Therefore, the probability of other loot before it is cracked is 1/6 for items and 1/18 for the weapons in the common chests, while in rare chests it is 1/8 for items and 1/24 for weapons.


Dwarf Shop

On level 5 of the dungeon, there is a dwarf that runs a small shop, as well as a pool where the player can refill their watering can. (Three crates are always present on this level. Breaking them may spawn a Dwarvish Sentry, just like on any other level. The crate closest to the dwarf always drops a gold quality Magma Cap.)

It is not possible to trade with the dwarf without having the Dwarvish Translation Guide.

In addition to the standard stock, the shop also offers one of two Food items every day.

Image Name Description Price Day Sold/Chance of being sold
Cinderclown Shoes.png
Cinderclown Shoes These magic shoes belonged to a famous Dwarvish jester. Cinder Shard.png Cinder Shard (100) Every day
Cherry Bomb.png
Cherry Bomb Generates a small explosion. Stand back! Gold.png300g Every day
Bomb Generates an explosion. Watch out! Gold.png600g Every day
Mega Bomb.png
Mega Bomb Generates a powerful explosion. Use with extreme caution. Gold.png1,000g Every day
Roots Platter.png
Roots Platter This'll get you digging for more. Gold.png1,200g 50%
Super Meal.png
Super Meal It's a really energizing meal. Gold.png1,200g 50%
Pink Bow.png
Pink Bow This huge bow makes quite a statement! Gold.png10,000g 25%
Warp Totem Island.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Warp Totem: Island Recipe A recipe to make Warp Totem: Island Gold.png10,000g Every Day
Ginger Ale.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Ginger Ale Recipe A recipe to make Ginger Ale Gold.png1,000g Every Day


  • 1.5: Introduced
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