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Sloth Skeleton

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Sloth Skeleton
Sloth Skeleton L.pngSloth Skeleton M.pngSloth Skeleton R.png
Can be placed inside your house.
Source Cost
Gunther Icon.png Museum Donation: 7 Skeleton Artifacts
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

The Sloth Skeleton is a furniture item composed of three pieces. Each piece can be obtained by donating skeleton Artifacts to the Museum.

Image Name Donations Required
Sloth Skeleton L.png
Sloth Skeleton L Prehistoric Skull.png

Prehistoric SkullPrehistoric Scapula.png Prehistoric ScapulaSkeletal Hand.png Skeletal Hand

Sloth Skeleton M.png
Sloth Skeleton M Prehistoric Rib.png

Prehistoric RibPrehistoric Vertebra.png Prehistoric Vertebra

Sloth Skeleton R.png
Sloth Skeleton R Prehistoric Tibia.png

Prehistoric TibiaSkeletal Tail.png Skeletal Tail