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Provides a modest amount of light.
Source: Crafting
Sell Price: Gold.png5g
Recipe Source: Starter
Ingredients: Wood.png Wood (1)Sap.png Sap (2)

The Torch is a craftable lighting item that can be held to provide light at night, or in dark areas of The Mines, where they can also be gathered by using a Hoe, a Pickaxe, or an Axe. Torches can also be placed indoors or outdoors to provide lighting.

When placing Soggy Newspaper into the Recycling Machine, it can sometimes produce 3 torches.

Torches do not provide as much light as other sources, but they can be walked on by the player. Torches may also be placed on top of Fences.


Villager Reactions


Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe Source
Jack-O-Lantern.png Jack-O-Lantern A whimsical fall decoration. Pumpkin.png Pumpkin (1)Torch.png Torch (1) Spirit's Eve Festival


Torch is used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create the High Heat Shirt. Shirt225.png


If you water a torch with a watering can, it will remain lit.


  • 1.4: Can now be used in Tailoring.