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Birthday: Unknown
Lives In: Pelican Town
Address: JojaMart
Marriage: No
Best Gifts: N/A
“The Pelican Town JojaMart is Morris' first store as manager. He truly believes that Joja Corporation will propel the Ferngill Republic toward a more prosperous future.”
Steam Description

Morris is a villager who works at JojaMart in Pelican Town. He's the manager and also acts as the customer service representative. He'll offer to sell the player a JojaMart membership for Gold.png5,000g. If the player chooses to purchase this membership a Joja Warehouse will replace the abandoned Community Center.

If the player completes the community center, the local JojaMart goes out of business and Morris leaves town.


While JojaMart is open he can be found just inside to the right. The store's hours of operation are 9am to 11pm everyday.


Players cannot give gifts to raise friendship points with Morris.