Old Mariner

Old Mariner
Old Mariner.png
Birthday: N/A
Lives In: The Beach
Address: N/A
Family: N/A
Marriage: No
Best Gifts: N/A

The Old Mariner is a character that appears on the east side of the beach. He sells the Mermaid's Pendant, a marriage token. Three conditions must be met for him to appear:

  • Access to the beach's tide pools must be unlocked by repairing the bridge or purchasing a community upgrade
  • The weather must be rainy
  • You must enter the beach before 7pm
Note: The Old Mariner will not appear during winter, unless a Rain Totem is used.

If the player has a relationship with an NPC that is 10 hearts and a bouquet has been given, the player may purchase the pendant for Gold.png5,000g. After using the pendant he will say, "Glad the Amulet worked out for ye, lad/miss."

If a player is not eligible for marriage, he will say "I've got this old amulet to sell... but somethin' tells me yer not ready for it, lad/miss."

Also, if the player talks to the Old Mariner while having 10 hearts with an NPC but hasn't upgraded the farmhouse he will say, "I can see that sparkle in yer eye, lad/miss. Ye must be head over heels in love. But I'm afraid a bigger house is essential for a happy marriage."

After purchasing the pendant, if the player has not given it to a marriage candidate, the Old Mariner will say "Don't be shy, now. Show that amulet to the one you intend to marry."



One of the Lost Books in the Museum (the "Marriage Guide for Farmers") describes the Old Mariner as a ghost.

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