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Use this to move down a level in the mines.
Source: Crafting
Desert Trader
Sell Price: Cannot be sold
Recipe Source: Mining Skill Icon.png Mining (Level 2)
Ingredients: Stone.png Stone (99)

The Staircase is a craftable item used to instantly create a ladder that leads down one level in The Mines or Skull Cavern. It cannot be placed on level 0 or 120 of the mines.

Staircases work just like the game-supplied down-ladders. Each one works only for one use. If you leave the mine or return to a higher level and look for one you placed earlier, you will find that it is gone. In addition, once a staircase has been placed, it cannot be picked up again, even if it has not been used.

If you do not have enough Stone to craft a staircase, you can buy Stone from Robin at the Carpenter's Shop. In game year 1, the cost is 99 Stones × Gold.png20g = Gold.png1,980g per staircase. In game year 2+, the cost is 99 Stones × Gold.png100g = Gold.png9,900g per staircase. The Desert Trader will trade staircases for one Jade each on Sundays.


  • Use a staircase to evade one or more monster fights. Some mine levels can be especially challenging. Consider upgrading your weapon instead, though.
  • Use staircases in the Skull Cavern to descend quickly to lower levels for greater chances of valuable items, like Iridium Ore and Prismatic Shards.
  • When rapid descending/monster evading in the Skull Cavern note that staircases cannot be placed on the brickwork patterns and tillable areas in the floors of the cavern.


Placing a staircase in the pants slot of the player's inventory turns it into a secret clothing item.