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A special kind of wood with superior strength and beauty.
Source: Foraging • Woodskip.png Woodskip (Fish Pond)Mahogany Trees
Sell Price: Gold.png15g

Hardwood is a resource. It is obtained by chopping down a Mahogany Tree with any axe, a Large Stump with a Copper Axe or better, or a Large Log with a Steel Axe or better.

Six (6) Large Stumps respawn daily in the Secret Woods, making it possible to obtain 12 Hardwood per day. If you have the Forest Farm map there are eight (8) more stumps at the left side of your farm making for an additional 16 Hardwood that respawns daily. It can also be received as loot by breaking barrels and boxes in the Mines.

Normal trees have a chance of dropping Hardwood with the Lumberjack Profession. Robin may also gift you 25 Hardwood at the Feast of the Winter Star.

A Woodskip Fish Pond may produce 5 Hardwood when the population of the pond reaches 6.


Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe Source
Cheese Press.png
Cheese Press Turns milk into cheese. Hardwood.png Hardwood (10)Wood.png Wood (45)Stone.png Stone (45)Copper Bar.png Copper Bar (1) Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 6
Oil Maker.png
Oil Maker Makes gourmet truffle oil. Hardwood.png Hardwood (20)Slime.png Slime (50)Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (1) Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 8
Hardwood Fence.png
Hardwood Fence The most durable type of fence. Hardwood.png Hardwood (1) Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 6
Cork Bobber.png
Cork Bobber Slightly increases the size of your "fishing bar". Hardwood.png Hardwood (5)Wood.png Wood (10)Slime.png Slime (10) Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing Level 7
Worm Bin.png
Worm Bin Produces bait on a regular basis. The worms are self-sufficient. Hardwood.png Hardwood (25)Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (1)Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (1)Fiber.png Fiber (50) Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing Level 8
Warp Totem Beach.png
Warp Totem: Beach Warp directly to the beach. Consumed on use. Hardwood.png Hardwood (1)Coral.png Coral (2)Fiber.png Fiber (10) Foraging Skill Icon.png Foraging Level 6
Warp Totem Mountains.png
Warp Totem: Mountains Warp directly to the mountains. Consumed on use. Hardwood.png Hardwood (1)Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (1)Stone.png Stone (25) Foraging Skill Icon.png Foraging Level 7
Warp Totem Farm.png
Warp Totem: Farm Warp directly to your house. Consumed on use. Hardwood.png Hardwood (1)Honey.png Honey (1)Fiber.png Fiber (20) Foraging Skill Icon.png Foraging Level 8
Warp Totem Desert.png
Warp Totem: Desert Warp directly to Calico Desert. Consumed on use. Hardwood.png Hardwood (2)Coconut.png Coconut (1)Iridium Ore.png Iridium Ore (4) Desert Trader Icon.png Desert Trader for Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (10)
Warp Totem Island.png
Warp Totem: Island Warp directly to Ginger Island. Consumed on use. Hardwood.png Hardwood (5)Dragon Tooth.png Dragon Tooth (1)Ginger.png Ginger (1) Volcano Shop (Gold.png10,000g)
Rain Totem.png
Rain Totem Activate to greatly increase the chance for rain tomorrow. Consumed on use. Hardwood.png Hardwood (1)Truffle Oil.png Truffle Oil (1)Pine Tar.png Pine Tar (5) Foraging Skill Icon.png Foraging Level 9
Stump Brazier.png
Stump Brazier Provides a moderate amount of light. Hardwood.png Hardwood (5)Coal.png Coal (1) Robin Icon.png Carpenter's Shop (Gold.png800g)
Carved Brazier.png
Carved Brazier Provides a moderate amount of light. Hardwood.png Hardwood (10)Coal.png Coal (1) Robin Icon.png Carpenter's Shop (Gold.png2,000g)
Cask Use in the cellar to age products like wine and cheese. Hardwood.png Hardwood (1)Wood.png Wood (20) Farmhouse cellar upgrade
Ostrich Incubator.png
Ostrich Incubator Hatches ostrich eggs into baby ostriches. Place in a barn. Hardwood.png Hardwood (50)Bone Fragment.png Bone Fragment (50)Cinder Shard.png Cinder Shard (20) Professor Snail Icon.png Professor Snail after completing his collections and surveys
Heavy Tapper.png
Heavy Tapper Place on a maple, oak, or pine tree and wait for the reservoir to fill with product! Works twice as fast as a normal tapper. Hardwood.png Hardwood (30)Radioactive Bar.png Radioactive Bar (1) Mr. Qi Icon.png Mr. Qi (Qi Gem.png 20)
Mini-Obelisk Place two on the farm to warp between them. Hardwood.png Hardwood (30)Solar Essence.png Solar Essence (20)Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (3) Wizard Icon.png Wizard (Special Order)
Hopper Items placed inside will automatically be loaded into the machine in front of it. Hardwood.png Hardwood (10)Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (1)Radioactive Bar.png Radioactive Bar (1) Mr. Qi Icon.png Mr. Qi (Qi Gem.png 50)


Image Name Description Cost
House (tier 3).png
Farmhouse Upgrade 2 Adds two new rooms, one empty, and one with a crib and two single beds, thus allowing you to have children. Kitchen and bedroom are larger. Gold.png50,000gHardwood.png Hardwood (150)
Horse Stable.png
Stable Allows you to keep and ride a horse. Horse included. Gold.png10,000gHardwood.png Hardwood (100)Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (5)


Villager Reactions


Ten Hardwood are required for the Bundle Red.png Construction Bundle in the Crafts Room.


Hardwood is used in the spool of the Sewing Machine with Cloth in the feed to create a Shirt047.png Shirt. It is a brown dye when used in the spool of the Sewing Machine with a dyeable clothing item in the feed. It can be placed in the orange dye pot at Emily's and Haley's house for use in dyeing.



  • 1.4: Can now be used in Tailoring. The Forester Profession no longer increases the sale price of Hardwood. Used as an ingredient to the Warp Totem: Desert recipe. Can be requested in Fish Pond quests. Can be produced by Fish Ponds.
  • 1.5: Can now be obtained by chopping down Mahogany Trees. Needed in Special Order 'Robin's Project' and repairing Willy's Boat. Used as an ingredient to the Warp Totem: Island, Ostrich Incubator, Heavy Tapper, Mini-Obelisk, and Hopper recipes. No longer used as an ingredient to the Skull Brazier recipe.
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